Back down to 5m Steroids now an Ear infection

Down to 5 m of steroids again after i went back up to 60 for 4 days after a fall and now had an ear infection for 2 weeks and been on 2 different antibiotics but still wont go away, deaf in on ear and the jaw pain is terrible when eating, only good thing is i get a good nights sleep when sleeping on good ear.

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  • When I hear anyone who has PMR or GCA talk about jaw pain when eating it really makes me concerned! Are you positive the jaw pain is from the ear infection? Surely that would be there all the time and not just when eating?

  • I can't be much help with your problem, Bell, but it sounds suspiciously like my present situation. For two weeks I have had a lot of pain from a sinus infection, then a horrendous reaction to the prescribed antibiotic - I won't go into the details. Another antibiotic, and still in pain along the jaw. It's worse at night and not so bad once I am up and getting moving. I have never had GCA, but anything to do with jaw pain sets alarm bells ringing.

  • Hello everyone.I first developed PMR GCA in 2007.I was given the usual medication and was on the mend when my son wakened me one morning ,to check that I was O.K.He looked at me with concern and broke the bombshell that my mouth was drooping.I had to admit that I'd had a slightly sore ear for a few days so it was off to the doctor again .He checked me out and rang the hospital and I was there ensconced for the next 2weeks.I think because I was the first patient to present with shingles in my ear,also known as Ramsey Hunt Syndrome,the younger doctors were able to become aware of it in a live person.I was immediately given Aciclovir and Zovirax and this treatment was successful.Unfortunately ,I also had Bell's Palsey, which was horrible, and am glad to say that it also disappeared..I eventually finished my Prednisolone medication six and a half years later,in December last year.

  • Thanks for that info Ruthian,i will mention it to Doctor on Monday

  • After much research I discovered that ear pain is a symptom of GCA. It's usually not listed in the more cursory articles. However, there are glands in front of (and I think behind) the ear. These hurt when they don't get enough oxygenated blood. Having had it, I know that the hurt feels as if it's inside the ear. I'm pretty sure it's an off shoot of the same artery that goes to the jaw and eventually the optic nerve. The jaw is definitely linked to a problem with getting blood to the optic nerve. Jaw pain, which increases as you try to eat is a big red flag. Doctors ALWAYS ask about this when diagnosing GCA. Maybe you need more Pred.

  • Here is the research:

    “The most commonly reported symptoms in patients with GCA are as follows: … Jaw claudication (initial in 4%, present in 40%)…” “Jaw claudication is noted as fatigue or discomfort of the jaw muscles during chewing of firm foods such as meat or prolonged speaking. Jaw claudication is almost pathognomonic of temporal arteritis, and it is a result of ischemia of the maxillary artery supplying the masseter muscles.

    “Less common symptoms, which are almost never the presenting complaint, include the following:

    …Involvement of the posterior auricular artery may manifest as pain in the ear canal, pinna, or parotid gland.”

    "Other symptoms: ...In 2003, Amor-Dorado et al[63] reported a previously unrecognized high incidence of audiovestibular disturbances such as vestibular dysfunction and/or hearing impairment in their GCA patients."

    P.S. The ear pain was my first symptom after a short, relatively slight, virus like episode.

  • Thanks for the info,i will defiantly have a word with my doctor.

  • Went to doctors and had bloods done and on another course of anti biotics , said i could be deaf for at least 2 months but a bit worried with jaw pain wich is now really bad when chewing or even swallowing , i think my new knee replacement on the 12th november looks to be out of the window with this infection, i cant see it clearing before my pre op appointment

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