Thudding in ear?

Hi All. I have had a flare up of pain this week so put myself back up to 15 mg for a couple of days and thank goodness today the pain is less today so going back to 12.5 mg. However since yesterday I have been experiencing an intermittent rapid thudding noise in my right ear. Faster than my heartbeat so assuming not pulsatile tinnitus - but it feels weird and a bit unnerving. Has anyone else had this?

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  • Yes, had this for a while about four years ago - it lasted a few months then faded away, perhaps as my steroids dropped.

  • Thank you, Venezia. Was a bit worried about GCA.

  • Hi SuzyTe - perhaps I should have said - I have GCA as well as RA and Sjogren's.

  • Ah. Sorry to hear that, Venezia. I hope your medication helps with the pain. I have PMR, so far not GCA, and was put on 15 mg last Autumn. Went down to 12.5 mg and have been down to 10 mg twice but had to go up again. I have headaches but the thudding is new. Am seeing my rheumy, Dr Hughes, a week tomorrow but am a bit worried.

  • Susy, is your blood pressure under control?

  • Hi Celtic. Not sure, to be honest. I am feeling very stressed at the moment so maybe not.

  • Susy, it might be an idea to get it checked especially as steroids can cause raised BP. Pulsating in my ear is often a sign that my BP is climbing.

  • Meant to add Tai Chi will help to de-stress you, also mindfulnes.The lovely Dr Hughes will sort you out next week - I guarantee you will leave your appointment with a spring in your step!

  • Thank you, Celtic - I will look for a Tai Chi class near Weybridge. I had thought I was seeing Dr H tomorrow and only realised today it was next week so am disappointed as I could do with his reassurance.

  • I have been experiencing a strange intermittent thudding too, which lasts a few seconds. And sometimes a kind of echo of my voice when I speak. I thought it might be a sort of dehydration.

  • Strange, Zebedee. I drink a lot of water and herbal teas so don't think mine is dehydration,

  • Still feeling cr@p today. Horrible headache and occasional pulsations in ear. Feeling very weepy. Have left a message for Dr Hughes's PA to see if she can squeeze me in today. Fingers crossed.

  • I have always had so much noise in my ears I can't tell what is what. Tinnitus for years but now seems more and worse..thump. Thump..

  • I am sorry about that, dinhal. I have never had anything like this before.

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