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Clavicle Pain with PMR

Just when I think I am managing my pain quite well except for the discomfort caused by using my treadmill only for one day, I now am noticing that I have been having clavical pain for about 3 days. This couldn't possible be from using the treadmill (at least I don't think so). Sometimes it almost feels like a choking pain. What next. On another web-site I observed that there many other PMR sufferers that complained about clavical pain. I always thought PMR caused hip, leg and shoulder pain which I had before being put on Prednisone. I have been on Pred 2 mg for about two weeks now. Does anyone else have clavicle pain?

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Sorry to hear of your discomfort. One thing I can suggest is to gargle with dissolvable Aspirin several times a day.


But don't swallow - NSAIDs (like aspirin) and pred shouldn't be combined except for the occasional dose. I don't quite see how that would help pain in the collarbone though?


I think if you were to look around the forum there are quite a few people who have pain there - and I think there has been some discussion recently.


Sorry my mistake thought it was that thingymyjig at the back of the throat and was only suggesting that a GARGLE was good for soothing a sore throat. D

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The uvula? Yes - would definitely help that!!!!


I get pain in clavicle when lying on my side, thought it was connected to my diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism! Am seeing a specialist in Feb will ask her about it.


Robinre, yes I have clavicle pain. This pain came first for me, then hip pain, then shoulder etc. Shrugging my shoulders was extremely painful and brought tears to my eyes.

Also if I would roll my shoulders forward or backward there was a pain and a sort of crunching/popping sound in my clavicle area. Were you gripping the handle on your treadmill? Or bending and swinging your arms quickly like speed walking or power walking?

I find that if I am nervous or feel stress about something and my body is tight from this I will have clavicle pain.

Also carrying my grandson or picking up my grandkids to sit on my lap brings me pain the next day.

In the beginning if I laid on one side or the other I would feel something pressing into my neck and felt like something was pressing on my windpipe. After I started taking the prednisone and keeping that area limber with stretches it went away.

But for me it is always lurking waiting to come back and remind me if I have done to much.


Thank you so much for your reply. Now I do remember that way back 4 years ago my symptoms started with this pain in the clavicle and at that time I started babysitting a new grandson who was very discontent baby and had to be carried a lot. From there the pain went to shoulders and hips and that is where the pain has more or less stayed except when on prednisone. The clavicle pain came when I tapered down to 2 mg and that night my shoulders and hips hurt again for the first time in about one year. I assumed I was in a "flare" condition and upped my pred a little the next day. Everything makes sense now.


Sound familiar, i recently tried to reduce my pred and that is the first placw i felt my flare pain. Wish you the best.


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