Knee pain related to PMR?

Has anyone else had bad knee pains that started with their PMR diagnosis? Rheumatologist say that knee pain does not go along with PMR but it seems that so many of us have knee pains. X-Rays showed no abnormalities in my knees, so I am confused about whether this is PMR related or not? Prednisone does not seem to help unless I am on a higher dose (I am currently taking 8 mgs). Also, I have muscle pain in the back of my upper legs. It feels like strained muscles and I've done nothing to strain these muscles. Anyone else experiencing the knee pain or this type of muscle pain?

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  • I have exactly the same. My knees feel as if there is something tight round them and also just below my knees. I also have pain round the back of my thighs and when I sit down I sort of collapse rather than bending. I had the same pre pred but it then improved on a higher dose and in fact went away for a while.

  • I developed knee pain 2 years into having PMR, first the right one last year and, more recently the left one which has been much more painful and entailed 8 weeks of virtual immobility and severe pain. The right one has been diagnosed as OA but does not show much wear, and the left one has been seen by an orth. but he has not been clear about a diagnosis. I have reasoned to myself that perhaps this has happened after 2-3 years of reduced mobility and increased weight, or is there a stronger connection between the knee pain and PMR??

    2 weeks ago, I had steroid injections into both knees which has made me feel more human again but I feel that the left knee has not been helped as much and is still more sore than the right with more of a burning sensation, which makes me wonder if an MRI would have been helpful in case there is any soft tissue damage?? I will ask the new Rheumy tomorrow if I get a chance.

  • I hadan increading pain in my right knee after 20 miles of driving my car. Referred to physio and after exercised I can now drive 60 miles without pain.

    Shortly after Dexascan which showed I have osteopenia I was prescribed Risedronate once a week. After about 5 weeks had very painful knee pain. Stopped Risedronate and pain reduced. Then started Alendonic Acid and pain is back, but only when going from a sitting position to a standing position (or vice versa), or from bed to standing. No pain when walking. Am in bed but 25 minutes ago went downstairs to let my cat in, knees still smarting from getting out of bed and getting back in. They were fine when kneeling to garden yesterday. (I had knee pads on).

  • yes I have knee pain in both knees since getting down to 2 mg of pred. all my pmr pian has gone but left with the knee prob.real bad some days when going down steps feels like they are going to collaps going back to docs in 2 weks for blood results will see what he says

  • Yes. In fact I am going tomorrow for x rays of my knees, but I know the result already! Nothing there, must be the Rheumatoid Arthritis (which I really don't believe I have, because after 7 years, I still don't have any lumps, bumps or disfiguration on any of my joints except where I have minimal osteoarthritis. But I definitely do have PMR and GCA, knees so sore that I cry with pain, sore glutes and thighs although top thighs improved since pred.

    I believe I was under diagnosed with GCA and put onto 30mg for 4 weeks, then 20, then 19. Far too little pred for GCA and far too quick reduction for PMR. So now we are yo yo-ing.

    Rheumy on 22nd July and I'm scared in case she puts me onto the vile medication for RA, when I am sure I need corrected doses for PMR/GCA.

    Sorry, I went on a bit there...

  • Have you had a positive RA blood test? My Rheumatologist thinks I have RA, too, but my tests are negative. My knee X-Ray showed nothing, but my knees are very painful. I was diagnosed with PMR and Fibro and I've been on prednisone for three years now and still struggling. It's all very frustrating. i am so tired of hurting.

  • Unfortunately yes I have been officially diagnosed with RA, first in 2009 and confirmed (both times with bloods) in January this year. My knee x rays yesterday showed marked wear and tear with massive cartilage loss, bone against bone abrasion and bits of something probably bone, floating. So I was wrong, there is a lot going on and no wonder it is so painful. Got to get off Pred ASAP to have a clear up op! As I said before, I see the Rheumy on 22nd July so she will decide what is causing the knees, RA, Osteo or plain old cartilage wear.

  • Thank you all for taking the time to respond to my post. I appreciate your help.

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