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Taking Omeprazol

I was not taking Zantac because it disagreed with me but have yogurt before prednisone. Ended up with GI inflammation and blood. Had to stay in hospital one night. They sent me home with script for 20 mgs. Omeprazole. Do I follow the instructions that say take before a meal or do I take it in AM before my yogurt and prednisone?

Gastro doc office does not call back. Have not formed a stool since Sunday but still getting blood in a little bit of feces in morning. I will call the office manager tomorrow. Actually don’t have urge to go. If anyone can relate and give me input I would appreciate it.

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Only bit I can help with is that i was on lanzaprozole for several years and it did cause constipation. However if I kept passing blood I would want them.to investigate all avenues. The omeprazole is meant to protect your tummy from Uncoated pred but I would take yoghurt too. I used to take first thing a short while before i took aspirin, which us why i was prescribed it. Have they tried you with coated pred? I would attempt to discuss with Dr again so you are clear in your mind you are being treated effectively. In the meantime try drinking more water to soften stool.


I am sorry to hear about your stomach problems. Omeprazole is best taken on an empty stomach, preferably an hour before food. However, you don't have to take it in the morning. In fact, as many people find that excess acid is more of a problem at night (lying in bed) it can be advantageous to take it an hour before your evening meal. It will also help if you avoid having large meals and eat nothing for at least two hours before bed.

It can be difficult to remember to take medicine an hour before food. I have an alarm on my phone to remind me. If that doesn't do the trick you can still take the PPI/omeprazole/lanzoprazole at any time, although it may not be as effective. Hope this helps.


Incidentally, I also find that gastric resistant pred is much easier on the stomach. I wouldn't have known it existed but for this forum. And I agree with Poopadoop, blood in your faeces should be investigated. It may well be nothing serious, but best to get it checked.

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I don’t have acid reflux. I was hospitalized for blood in feces this week. After ct they saw some inflammation and I was on iIV. I believe with another proton pump in iv. They kept me overnight and took my blood 6 times to make sure I was not bleeding out and I went home next day. Doc office is impossible to get call back. I’m constipated and I have little blood clot things coming from rectum only in AM. Not having stomach pain..


I have to say, that is rather worrying. I hope you have a reply from somewhere soon. PPIs are given to suppress acid production, so although you have no stomach pain the doctors must suspect excess acid? This does not always cause reflux. Good luck with your quest to find treatment and a diagnosis.


I believe they do it to allow the inflammation to heal. As soon as I’m certain it’s healed I will stop but I must try some Tagamet to insure no more prednisone induced inflammation in colin.


I remember Tagamet. It was prescribed for me when I had bleeding stomach ulcers. That takes me back a while.

Anyway, of course if you have problems in your colon you won't want gastro- resistant pred.

I hope you can contact your doctor and get reassurance and treatment. Best wishes, b.


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