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ESR & CRP Rate

Recently saw my Rheumy and he ordered blood test for Sed rate and CRP.

I compared my Sed Rate from my original bloodwork

3/16/17 rate of 14

5/19/17 rate of 11

12/22/17 rate of 8

I compared my CRP rate from my original bloodwork

5/19/17 rate of 0.9

12/22/17 rate of 3.6

Why would my crp rate increase if I am on Prednisone?

Rheumy didn't mention the increase at all.

Rheumy's medical assistant did mention an increase in my sugar (119), Neutrophils 78.9 (range is 50-70), Lymphs-low 14.1 (range 20-40) said Rheumy didn't ask for me to come back in or anything.

I had been sick, coughing (dry unproductive) no fever, no runny nose, no sinus pressure. Had a feeling of being out of breath with exertion, but my x-ray of lungs was clear.

Taking 7.5 mg of pred since September 2017

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Did you first start taking prednisone this year? If so your sed rate is great. The CRP sometimes can mean other inflammation in other areas of your body. Also 7.5 mg is a really low dose if you have GCA. If you have PMR I’m not quite sure where you should be in terms of prednisone dosage I guess it depends on how you feel. In my case both CRP and ESR move together either up or down. Our wonderful PMRpro Should be responding shortly and knows just about everything there is to know with regard to our disease.


Yes i startes taking 5mg of pres in Feb 2017. It didnt take away all the pain but the pain was tolerable. Saw rheumy in Sept 2017 and he increased my pred to 7.5mg. I had no pain at 7.5mg


I see you talk about a dry cough. I had a dry cough as well which was part of my diagnosis of GCA. But my cough went away after a few days of 40 mg of prednisone.


I have not been diagnosed as having GCA and have none of the symptoms I have read about here. I just had this dry non productive cough for 3 weeks. Then my nose got stuffy. Then that cleared, then the cough slowly became less and less frequent. So maybe it was some kind of cold or chest infection.


My CRP increased while I was on prednisone for 3 weeks to a max of 60, then dropped dramatically to 3. It has been up and down, last week was 6. My doctor doesn’t know what to make of it. My neutrophils and WBC have been above normal most of the time but I think prednisone may be causing that in my case. My platelets too were high, which someone posted can be from inflammation.

I would ask whether you should get a repeat CRP in a little while. Never hurts to ask to make sure they didn’t miss anything.


Yes I plan on asking my GP for a repeat CRP blood test just to compare.

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A chest infection is enough to send your CRP up. Both ESR and CRP will show inflammation anywhere but CRP is particulalry sensitive to chest problems. Sounds as if you have had a viral chest infection but not a bad one.

In some people the blood markers lag behind for some reaspn - and in a few they never rise again in PMR/GCA while the patient is taking pred, especially ESR.


Thanks. That makes sense. I also wanted to thank you for suggesting I move up to 10mg of pred to "clean out" the build up of inflammation of trying to reduce my pred as the rheumy wanted. Yes it was to fast (7.5 to 6mg). I re-checked my notes and I have only been on 7.5 mg since September 2017, way to soon to try reducing. My Rheumy will get an ear full from me when I see him again in March.

Should I stay in the 10 mg a few days and go right back to the 7.5 mg? Or reduce by .5 mg?

I know my body will let me know, but this PMR thing is still pretty confusing to me.


You'll probably be OK to go back to 7,5mg straight away ince the symptoms have gone. If it doesn't work - you know what to do.


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