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What is significance of CRP when tapering?

Not surprisingly I'm finding this forum to be way more helpful than the medical community. Thank you all for your support. When I was diagnosed with PMR in early Dec. 2016 my sed rate was 35 and CRP 0.3 In January sed rate was 29 and CRP 0.3. My latest (Feb) results were sed rate 23 and CRP 33.7. I have tapered from 20mg pred to 15mg and am ready to start tapering by 1mg. Does the elevated CRP indicate that I will have trouble tapering right now? Please explain what Rheumy is looking at and why. I keep hearing "Rheumy said my blood levels were good". What's "good?" Thanks!

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Raised CRP can indicate infection/inflammation somewhere else in the body. A bad cold can push it up. Mine has been quite high for some time now but appears to be dropping since I had surgery to clear a chronic infection from one of my sinuses. I don't think it has ever been lower than 11. So don't worry unduly about your CRP level - there could be another explanation for it.

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Thanks Annodomini and PMRpro..........I'll take your advice.



Both ESR and CRP are non-specific markers of inflammation being SOMEWHERE in the body. That CRP you quote is raised - but who knows why if it wasn't raised when PMR was diagnosed! Good means the blood markers are within the normally quoted range and stable - but they are only a guide, the symptoms are ALWAYS king.

Are those results from the same laboratory? What is the quoted "normal range"?

If it were me I would stick at 15mg for another few weeks and see what that ESR does - it may fall further - and whether the CRP remains like that or goes up/down. A single raised figure should never trigger a knee jerk response with dose - the levels should be monitored to see if there is a trend. But if the CRP rises further - you shouldn't really taper until you are sure it isn't due to PMR. It could be a chest infection or something else and then tapering might be fine. If it is the PMR doing it, no tapering yet.


Thanks! Good advice........sue


Hi sue when I was diagnosed in January 2015 with PMR, started with flu like symptoms terrible stiffness in my neck and then pains in my thighs and couldn't get out of bed, My CRP was 83 and not sure what ESR was then, I was prescribed 20mg pred.and was grand

It was only when I was reducing (on doctor orders ) I was down to 12.5mg and I developed jaw pain and severe headaches and had a positive biopsy and diagnosed with GCA. My dose was raised to 60mg. And my CRP had been down but it raised to 118 and ESR was 80, My ESR and CRP always reflect on pain I'm having, so CRP and ESR were down when leaving hospital.

But next day I developed severe headaches. I went back to hospital. My CRP and ESR had gone up again. And had other symptoms as well.

It was eventually controlled on 80mg

but I know some people don't have raised CRP or ESR. So it's important to go by pain and how your feeling. Good luck


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