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Hi im 45 and new in here

Im currently waiting for ultrasound on both wrists and fingers too see if i have RA as i have had swollen ,tender wrists and family history and history of a viral illness .my xrays were ok so now got too have ultrasound but my question is do they go by what the uktrasound shows up or by the symptoms i have and the consultant what he can see ie the swollen wrist and limited movement ?

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Rachel, I think you’re in the wrong forum?

This is for polymyalgia rheumatica. You’re wanting info re rheumatoid arthritis: I’m sure there is one on healthunlocked.


Oh thanks will try and find it x


Also, there are specific blood tests for diagnosis of RA. You really need to visit the RA site and get advice on that.

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Try this link -it’s not specifically for RA, but the first question is about RA so it might help.


Thank you


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