Baron mutual fund conference on Friday. Lots of information...Chris Rock was lunch entertainment, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at the end of the afternoon! Very cold in NY, lots of aches and pains. Saturday was a family celebration with my sister, son, daughter in law and grandchildren, Jonah and Juliette. Aches and pains are much better! Family heals!

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  • That all sounds very positive and great fun Sandie. You really must be healing for that not to feel like a series of obstacles. Lovely, lovely grandchildren too - enough to move mountains never mind little you.

    What dose are you at now?

    I hope this is the beginning of the end of this disease for you. Take great care, you have been very disciplined so far. Keep warm!

  • Thanks for your kind words. I just went to 14 1/12 mg this morning. I will do this with 15 mg. every other day for at least 2 weeks. It was freezing in NY and the cold seemed to intensify the niggles! Back in NJ with a harder mattress and heat turned up, I feel much better. How do you do it in England? The dampness would kill my 105 pounds!

    Are you feeling well? I know you were having some difficulties.

  • Hi, Yes the damp and cold do not help. Having said that, we have had a run of crisp,cold, sunny weather that is very cheering. The trees are having their beautiful moment before the leaves fall off.

    I cannot seem to get below 7 mgs at the moment. It is a stamina thing. Exhausted, demotivated, breathless and dizzy. I guess it's the Adrenal thing. Got an ultra sound at the end of the month to find out whether Aortic Stenosis is present. Wonder if my heart literally broke when the rest of my grandchildren went to Australia? Although there is joy in thinking of them altogether and thankfulness that my children are all so close to each other.

    Not depressed though - overspending for Christmas in a slightly pathological way ha ha.

  • So glad you’re having sunny, crisp days with pretty foliage. I do wish you were feeling better. I believe you are suffering from a broken heart and separation anxiety. Yesterday when my sister and I were leaving Jonah started crying and saying, “don’t go I have one more thing to tell you”! It’s no different for adults. I didn’t want to go either.

  • Well I just lost a rather sad reply I was typing about Theo and I missing each other. My husband has just booked us on the Queen Mary to cruise across to New York in July, staying at a hotel in Park Avenue when we arrive. Completely under his own steam. I must say Grandad is trying to fill the great big hole in my heart.

    Thank you for your empathy Sandy. What is the best store for children's clothes and toys?

    Thank you 🍁

  • Do let us know when you're coming, Jane. It wold be lovely to meet you!

  • How old are the children? Boys? Girls? My daughter-in-law in an expert shopper so I’ll get more info. Bloomingdales for sure!

    Would love to get together if possible.

  • A boy of 9, a girl of 4, a boy of 3 and a boy of 8 months .

    Bloomingdales of course!!

    The cruise takes 7 days and I think we are only actually in New York for 3 days, doing the touristy things. Quite excited now as he snores beside me. I am quite lucky really and I ought to be grateful more often than I am.

  • Gratitude is good for the soul! I keep a journal and list what I’m thankful for then ask for what I want!

  • If it was your birthday felicitations! X

  • Thanks.

  • Glad you had fun, Sandy.

    As for our cold weather, I brought the fur coats back from summer camp, and now am not feeling it so much.

  • Glad you are adjusting to temperature changes. I never know what causes increased pain. I,look for answers then my Pred head kicks in and I realize nothing can be isolated and I rest more, and try to reduce activity.

  • Congratulations on your birthday Sandy!

    My wife and I celebrated my 71st on Friday-Saturday with a road trip up to Baltimore. That same chilling wind from New York/New Jersey blew south and kept us indoors. We had a wonderful time Saturday morning sipping coffee in a corner hotel room overlooking the harbor. What a sunrise!

    I marked the event by tapering down to 9mg for a few days and then back up to 9.5 for a few - baby steps.

  • Happy Birthdayto you, too! May you have a wonderful year with PMR going into remission! I also marked my birthday by tapering to 14mg yesterday then 15mg today. Trying to trick my body with the every other day strategy! The tapering process is quite a challenge. I think we realize it’s not a straight shot and we must be gentle with ourselves!

    I must have done too much over the weekend because I spent the afternoon on my bed, ate dinner at 3:00 pm and went to sleep at 7:00 pm. After 9 1/2 hours of sleep I feel a bit more energized.

    Enjoy the day whatever it brings!

  • Yes, the tapering is quite a challenge. For me, it is a delicate balance between the side effects of the medication and the symptoms of the condition.

    I teach Russian language in a Virginia high school and am so occupied during classes that I don't think about either symptoms or side effects. When school is over, however, I really just would like to lie down with a nice comforter over me and a cat curled up near my feet. An hour will usually do the trick. Oh, sleep is wonderful!

    Have a great day Sandy!

  • I applaud you for teaching with PMR! I worked with teachers. My specialty was retirement planning. Being in schools (urban for me) was too much with PMR. Now, I just take my client calls (which is tiring). Hopefully, my business will be sold by December or January.

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