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As some of you were interested in my heart problem I thought I'd give you an update, I went for my stress test yesterday, [ cancellation ] so that was good. I was wired up and ready for take off but my blood pressure was high, they let me rest on the couch for a while and then proceeded to get me on the treadmill, we waited a while but my blood pressure was 198/80 their cut off is 180 so they wouldn't do it and it was abandoned. They could see I was concerned and said, not to worry as the echo test I had last week gave them all I needed to know anyway, and unofficially I was told I had a leaky mitral heart valve , so not the angina the Cardio though I had in the first instance. No wonder my chest feels like I have a box of frogs in it. I now await an appointment to go back and see the Cardi.

I'm not sure why my B/P was so high, it was OK when I took it at home, I do get the white coat syndrome but not to that excess, either that or my B/P monitor is playing up, I will have to get it tested, or buy a new one

I know this isn't the right site to talk about B/P heart, but I thought I'd let you know.

Regards bowler

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Thanks for letting us know bowler. The stress was more than just white coat syndrome though, it was " what are they going to find?"

They can treat that can't they ?

Take good care and keep in touch.


Hello Sheffieldjane

Thanks for your reply. Although they could see my leaky heart valve on the echocardiogram, I think the stress test tells them how bad it is. I'm not really sure what will happen until I see the Cardiologist again. I have been googling it, as you do, and maybe I will have to have surgery to fix it,?

I'm getting a little depressed with it all now, but it's nice to talk, as the saying goes.

regards bowler


No wonder you are getting depressed with it all!

I hope all goes well with the Cardio!

Hugs Jane x

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Well we seem to be mirroring each other, bowler, what with the leaky mitral valves, kidney disease, high BP and PMR/GCA. As I said in my reply to your post a few days ago, if the murmur did turn out to be caused by a leaky mitral valve, it could just be a slight leak and therefore not in need of any treatment/intervention. So do try not to worry unnecessarily at this stage. With regard to the high blood pressure you experienced yesterday, I wonder whether you may have been feeling apprehensive about the stress test in which case your BP may have responded accordingly? Perhaps you can check your home monitor against one in the surgery to see if it is giving you correct readings. Good luck and do hang on to the one positive that angina has been ruled out.


Yes - I agree with SJ - it wasn't "just" having your BP taken.

One is left to wonder why they asked a patient with PMR/GCA to do a stress test when they already had all the info they needed...

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Yes, thinking about it, they even told me they got all they needed from the echo test anyway, a bit of a time waster really, as it took them a good 10 mins to wire me up, then the 10 min wait to see if my B/P would go down, and with the stress of it, It probably didn't do my adrenals any good being adrenal dependent..

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Hello Bowler,please keep in touch,you were probably a bit stressed yesterday which put your blood pressure up.My mother was diagnosed with a leaky heart valve when she was in her eighties,she decided not to have an operation because of her age but lived until she was.one month away from her one hundredth birthday. Obviously you are much younger so l am sure an operation if needed will make you feel much better. At least you know what is wrong now and l wish you well again soon xx


Hi. Grants148

I thought I was ok, I sat in the waiting room a good 15 mins before hand, . but obviously I wasn't, and being steroid dependant doesn't help due to adrenal insufficiency.

How wonderful that your mother was almost 100. and with a leaky heart valve, that's given me some hope. I'm a mere youngster at 73. I await an appointment from the Cardiologist and see what he has to say,

thanks for your reply

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