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An explanation for my absence


First of all I apologize for any misspellings and grammatical errors that will come from my dictating this to my phone. Today is Saturday and I've been in the hospital since last Tuesday. For about a week I was experiencing shortness of breath intermittent exhaustion. What's so much going on in our bodies it's hard to pin things down. But it got so that I just had difficulty breathing Monday and Tuesday it was an all-day thing. It is my heart although a nuclear stress test did not show an exam that consider an emergency just a irregular heartbeat and my blood pressure is either very low are high...go figure. I'm sure BMR Pro has already got a lot of this figured out and I wish I had her right here with me. They put me on a Statin another medication to increase the blood flow to the heart and another one too prevent or suppress angina. I've been on oxygen since I got here and today I sent they might try letting me walk without the oxygen.

I know they can't keep me here forever and I may or may not see the cardiologist today because it is the weekend. My kidney numbers are not where they are celebration either. I had wondered before I came in if many people had experienced heart issues after being on steroids for a long time? Well my best to all of you I am thankful for you.

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The best to you. Take care!! Hope the hospital is taking great care of you.

Oh Grammy, thinking of you; sending Hugs & Good Wishes 💗💐🌺

Grammy I so sorry to read of your sad’s certainly not the time to be in hospital time is. 🙀

I have unstable angina pectoris and my cardiologist recommended a nitroglycerin spray for those shortness of breath days. ( which fortunately are not too often)

I keep it with me at all times.

My cardio problems started many years before I started taking prednisone. So I can’t blame it on PMR

If you have cardiology problems I’m sure that the cardiologist will see you before you’re discharged.

Get well soon and let us know how you are fairing ...

Cyber hugs

YuliK 😷

Yes I have! But whether it was cos of PMR or pred I don’t know. Last October I suddenly suffered from angina stable then became unstable Had angiogram and two stents and now fine. I wish you the very best. You feel very vulnerable in hospital and I do hope you get home soon.


Sorry to hear that - but you are in a good place for them to sort it out! Get well soon.

My heart problems are due to the autoimmune bit of PMR - it damaged the electrical cells that govern heart rate and I get intermittent arrythmias. Your BP is often closely linked to the heart rate but with GCA it may mess it up as the blood vessels don't dilate when the heart rate goes up as they should do and so the BP goes up. After I'd had a period of fast pulse, it would suddenly slow to have a rest - and my BP plummeted, especially when it got really slow. A pacemaker has sorted that out :) But my arrythmia is closely associated with the inflammation - and a higher dose of pred helps control the heart rate too!

YuliK in reply to PMRpro

Oh dear PMRpro. You’ve certainly been through the mill.

You are a warrior, that’s for sure. 👍

YuliK 😷 🤗

Sending hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery 🤗

Hope thay get you sorted soon

Take Care

Can’t advise but adding my good wishes for a speedy resolution to your problem and a return home soon xx🌷

Nothing medical to add Grammy but I hope they get your problems sorted and you are able to get home quickly and safely. Big hugs and best wishes.

🌼 Hope things get sorted soon and you are feeling better and able to go home..

Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery Grammy.🍀🍀 Hugs!

Marilyn, I'm so sorry to hear this news. You have been through so much already. Since being diagnosed with GCA, I now have a cardiologist (same one I took my mom to and she lived to be 95!). I had blood pressure and high cholesterol issues before GCA so I can't blame the medications. Know that we are all here thinking of you and hoping you return home soon. Hugs and prayers being sent your way. Jean

So sorry to hear you are having problems again. You are such a fighter, you will find a way thru this. Sending you strength and good wishes!❤️🌺

Hi Grammy.

Really saddened to hear you're going through such a difficult time and facing yet more challenges. Hospital is the right place to be at the moment and when they've sorted all the 'issues' out, you'll be able to return home again, rest & recuperate and return to some kind of normal.

Try and think positive if you can..... there is always a resolution to every problem and hopefully you'll soon be feeling much better and these health issues will either be resolved or better managed.

Sending you much love.

Oh Grammy I am sorry that you’ve hit another rocky patch. I know what you mean about having PMRPro on speed dial. You must have been frightened by the breathlessness, I think it’s the worst feeling! I haven’t got the knowledge you need about Pred and cardiac issues. I know that my Large Vessel Vasculitis can affect the Aortic/Abdominal Artery, I have had one scan for that so far and the function was normal.

Get well soon please and keep us posted. 💖😘

No sage advice from me but sending you healing thoughts and love to get you through this rough patch.

Hi.hope u get well soon.all the best,hope they sort you out,so you go home.all the best.big hugs.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Get well soon - virtual hugs 🌸

You have made so many friends here Grammy and we're all there behind you. Keep strong and keep fighting. xx

Hope you feel better soon xx

Hope you feel better soon.

💐 xx

Sending get well wishes Grammy. 🌺

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. I am sending healing thoughts to you 🥺😘

Thinking of you Grammy, all good wishes for a speedy recovery from this problem. May you be home soon feeling more like your old self. Love and virtual healing hugs,🙏😘❤️

Grammy , sending you love and best wishes for a speedy recovery xxx❤️

Hi Grammy sorry to hear you are struggling, I do hope you are getting excellent treatment. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take very good care of yourself 💐.

I hope you feel better soon xx

Wishing you comfortable and out of hospital soon x

Get well soon Grammy. Very best of wishes.

Sending you a big hug.

Do hope you get everything sorted out and can get home soon. Take care.

I developed an arrhythmia (SVT) after more than ten years on pred. It's now pretty well controlled by Bisoprolol but my blood pressure does fluctuate especially when, as recently, I have any other health problems.

Joining the rest of the wonderful people of this forum in wishing you a speedy recovery....also Bisoprolol has been quite effective in controlling my arrhythmia for a number of years (pre GCA). Good luck.

I had heart problems before diagnosed with PMR so do not know if that or the prednisone affects my heart. December of last year I an aorta valve replacement process done with no incision, it is done through the large arteries in the groin. The cardiologist advised it, not for longevity, but for quality of life as it increases the blood flow through the valve.

Hi Grammy, Sorry 😐 to hear you’re in the Hospital 🏥 Hope you feel better soon & get to go home 🏡 ❤️ 🙏 🤗

Hope you are feeling better today. Thinking of you. Take care. 💕

Hello Grammy, I don't know your health situation well as I am fairly new to the site but I just want to wish you a speedy recovery. It's not nice being in hospital but as people have said it's the best place for you in the circumstances. Whenever I've been in I've always felt safer than I would have done at home with all the medics being on hand. No doubt you'll see the cardiologist tomorrow and then you'll know better what the next step is going to be. I hope it helps you to know so many people are thinking of you. Take care and get home soon.

Just to let you know we are thinking of you and in your corner

Heartfelt thanks for all your supportive comments....hopefully will have a clinical update soon. You are the most wonderful group of folks..💖💖💖💖

Sending prayers, love and light.

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