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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with PMR last month and have been suffering with Fibro/PMR/shortens since Feb. Just did not realize I had Polymyalgia until three weeks ago. My question is this...I am taking 10 mg Rayos and am unable to stop moving unless I pretty much collapse. I have no pain just hyperactive. Does anyone else have this problem? In February my rheumatologist started me on 15 mg and the side effects were so awful I had to stop taking it. I've been taking the 10 mg now for about three weeks. Thank you

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  • Shortens is supposed to be sjogrens. Auto correct!

  • Hi - I personally have never felt hyperactive- only in my head!! But not in my body. I wonder if your hyperactivity makes you feel very tired? I am sure that others who have experienced this will join in soon - maybe you need to go back to GP and discuss this with him/ her if they are receptive? Best wishes Jackie x

  • Hi Jackie, I do go back to my Rheumatologist in two weeks so I will discuss it with her then. It does make me tired but after so many months of being in pain and not moving, this is so much better. I was just wondering if there were more people having the same side effects. I can handle the 10mg. just scared to think of how I would be if it had to be raised again. So many have to take higher doses, my heart goes out to them. I have always been sensitive to medications so this doesn't surprise me. Take care, Kitty.

  • Hi klaroche and welcome. Well you got a nasty hat trick of conditions! It must be hard to know what to blame for your symptoms!

    What were the side effects that you couldn't bear from the Prednisalone?

    I had a kind of hyperactivity for about 6 weeks on Pred. It stopped abruptly when I was prescribed Atenolol ( Beta Blocker) for raised blood pressure. I quite missed it given that I am normally as placid as a cow in a field.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Sheffield Jane, the side effects on 15mg was very blurred vision, not able to read. I could not think clearly at all, I pay my bills online and was paying the same bills over and over again. I almost broke us at the bank, out was not good. I also had heart palpitations and just felt horrible. I could not function. I am walking three tho four miles a day now and just keep going all day, I'm unable to sit still until late in the afternoon then I still have a hard time falling asleep. I'm just wondering if this hyperactivity will end, I'm okay with it as I'm getting caught up with everything I couldn't do during the last seven months. Thank you for your reply.

  • Yes, I have had the racing heart, blurred vision....agitated feeling, and some days still do (on 10mg).....but sadly can`t do the amount of walking you are doing! Think maybe as you lower pred so will the energy!

  • Thank you, have a beautiful week.

  • When I was first put on 20m of Pred, I was a bit hyperactive. It lasted about four weeks. I was also in really good humour bordering on manic for a bit. It wore off eventually and now I m tired and more even tempered. Sometimes I miss those days. 😏

  • Hello GerriMc, you sound just like me! I am catching up on everything and hoping to build up some muscle I have lost during the last seven months. I hope it doesn't stop too soon. Take care and thank you for your reply.

  • Thank you for sharing. My doc said to do what I can regarding exercise (I was a runner) and just not to push myself too hard and rest when necessary. I miss being able to run like I used to. So hope you get a chance to keep your muscles in good shape while you can. It's key to get enough rest though. All the best.

  • Thank you. My muscles are pretty bad but I'm hoping all the walking will help to bring them back. The dog loves it and keeps my pace up! :)

  • If you have no pain you did not have fibromyalgia - it does not respond at all to pred.

    I have to say - I'd like a bit of what you have!!!! I'm on Rayos too. It does seem to be that with Rayos we need lower doses - so a gentle reduction soon to find the lowest dose that works for you might help you a lot.

  • Thank you, It is amazing the knowledge on this forum. My rheumatologist, who is supposed to be the best in the area said 2 weeks ago I had both. Thank you for the information. It makes Me wonder just how good she really is. Oh well, it will all come out eventually. Thanks

  • Not if the pain has all gone you don't! Never mind - they can't do a lot about fibro so at least she suspected PMR as well and you have a result!

  • Thank you!

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