Now my teeth are falling out:)

Hi everyone

I haven’t written for a few weeks! I am now down to 6.5mg of prednisolone after going up on good advice. I have at last come to terms with the fact that after 8 months I am not in control of how long this disease will stay with me but on the whole I am doing really well! A little fatter, a lot less energetic but I work full time in a tough job, run a home and still manage to do something most weekends!

Yesterday though a travesty happened! My tooth that was veneered holiding in my bridge snapped!!! I was left without two front teeth:) cute if you are 8 horrendous if you are 52!

Thank goodness to the wonders of Denplan and modern dentristry aka a pot of glue! I now have the gap filled but face months of dental work and lots of costs!

So just when you think you are on a level there is always a surprise waiting:)

Happy Sunday everyone and be careful:) I will mostly eating soup:) I never managed the Micheal Mosley 800 calories a day but maybe I need to think of the tooth incident as a gift. I may yet loose some weight!

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  • It's a very dark cloud that doesn't have a silver lining!

    Strange - another PMR friend on a different forum had a similar problem just a few weeks before she is going on a cruise! The bridge was unsalvageable so she has been reduced to an emergency denture in the meantime. Not a happy bunny...

  • Yes my dentist has mentioned denture and laughed at me previously! However anything would be better than the gap I had yesterday! Oh the joys of being more mature:) I am on a cruise in December so it could have been worse :)

  • Try not to get too depressed about it. I have to stop myself going into "I'm falling apart " panic. It may be an unhappy coincidence. My crowns grumble a bit, I'd better start saving. Dental work is not only horrendously expensive but b****y unpleasant. My pretty little granny had all of her teeth out when she was about 25 in order to get a wonderful free set of NHS false teeth that would never need any work. The power of advertising. Now we all need a set of even, improbably white, Hollywood style gnashers.

    I would try to treat myself to something better than before if at all possible, as a kind of compensation.

  • Years ago, I worked with a young man who was 26, emigrating to South Africa and for so strange reason had 32 perfect teeth removed before he left.

  • I'm Gobsmacked. Oldman-1. Don't know what to spray. Must be the wine. Sorry All.

  • I seem to recall that, when I was young (in NE Scotland), that was considered a routine thing to do. Guess the idea was that if you had no teeth you couldn't have toothache.

  • Pre-antibiotics it would have been common to deal with severe gum disease. My mother had all her teeth out at 21. Her older sister died at over 70 with all her teeth.

  • Hi Julie R2,l think you are doing very well on the 6.5 mg of prednisolone, working full time and running your home etc, do not forget to take it easy when you can though you probably only find time to do that at weekends. As for the teeth , it is rather upsetting to lose them,l am well past the horror of that ,only a few left now having spent a fortune on crowns and veneers. All the celebrities seem to have such perfect smiles now although some of them seem to have teeth that look a bit too large for their mouths when they flash them. I hope you get yours fixed soon. I am also finding it hard to stop putting weight on,l am down to 3mg, and l hoped the weight would go down accordingly,it does not though,l do not eat large meals and try to have plenty of fruit and vegetables,but am finding my clothes getting a bit tighter and l am not lmpressed when l see myself in the mirror .All the best,hopefully we will beat the PMR eventually xx

  • Thanks for the encouragement I will let you know how I do:)

  • Too much fruit when you are on pred is not a good move - too many carbs. Cutting carbs does tend to work quite well with pred weight gain.

  • I swallowed my crown while munching on a packet of Hula Hoops! I had a temporary one put on and now I've swallowed that!! ooooops

  • Omg I now consider myself lucky:)

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