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4mg pred....a cold...increase dose?

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In hindsight I think I may be a bit foolish/reckless. I have had a cold this week and wondering whether I should up the Pred? With HC, it would be to double the dose, but I don't think that follows with Pred? I don't think I am in adrenal crisis, as, yesterday, I thought I was over it, and didn't phone GP for advice.I don't have a temp and keeping away from people. I wonder if I increased by another 2 mg Pred? I have an appt with the GP, on Monday, for something else, but will mention to him.

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Wouldn’t hurt to take an extra couple over the weekend if you really feel that bad, but I wouldn’t really recommend doing that as a matter of course unless you think you’re having a flare.

Or maybe just take some paracetamol- that’s what most docs recommend for a cold, no problem alongside the Pred. Plenty of fluids and some TLC

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Thanks DorsetLady. I am taking prescribed Co-codamol, 4 hourly.I find it's the evenings and early mornings I feel worse. Also taking lemon and honey hot drink. If I thought I was having a crisis, I wouldn't hesitate to ring for help. Probably get an earful, Monday, from GP, who wanted me to stay on HC, but I refused.

Looking out my bedroom window, the sunset is magnificent, here in Norfolk. Was last night too.

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I don't see why it wouldn't apply with pred - they are just equivalents so if you are on 4mg pred you would be on 16mg HC. If you were told to double HC, just double the pred. It's fine for a few days. Since you know you have poor adrenal function you do need it - whereas most of us don't necessarily for just a cold.

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I replied to your post, and a red headline appeared, saying I don't have permission to reply!!!???????????

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You've replied now ;-)

This site has serious gremlin problems - happens to me every so often and apparently I have been signed out without me asking to!

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