altering pred dose

Can somebody please tell me if what I am doing is ok? My Neuro. appt. is in Dec, and my local GP is on holiday. For the past few days, I have felt small headaches in my scalp and a bit of pressure at my left hairline. No pain, but a bit uncomfortable, worse at night. I am on 3mg Pred. Yesterday, I took 4mg and today 5mg. When I last saw my Neuro, in April, I was on 5mg and doing well. I asked him if I could stay at that dose, even if it meant forever? He said no, and I should taper to 0 by Dec. I don't like to guess when it comes to Pred.


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  • Think the first thing you should consider is maybe finding a more realistic doctor since tapering from 5mg to zero to order by the end of the year, which theoretically possible, is not necessarily practically so.

    However - is it better at 5mg?

  • Thanks PMRpro. I think I have stayed with him because I have been with him for 10 yrs.I have had a good day today, but tonight will be the real test, as when GCA first started, it was with violent headaches,at night.

  • Reduce to zero by Dec - no chance!

    If you find you are ok at 5mg, then maybe stay on it, for, say a week, just to make sure before you contemplate anything else. Can you speak to another GP in the surgery for advice whilst your own is away?

  • Thanks DorsetLady, I have had a good day today, but will see tonight if ok on 5mg. Yes, there are other doctors I could go to. My present one doesn't know much about GCA, and I shouldn't really think they will all be like that.

  • Glad to hear you feel a little better today. Shouldn't be too optimistic about other doctors being knowledgeable about GCA - there are a lot that seem flummoxed by it! But you may be lucky! If so, clone him, or her!

  • I say Amen to that! Drs are a bit funny if you appear to know more than they do. I offered Kate's book to my Neuro, and he wasn't interested!

  • My GP has advised me to 'feel' my way with regard to reducong/increasing pressure. On the whole, they seem to know very little about GCA and most seem too keen for sufferers to lower the dose far too quickly. Advice, on this site, has been immeasuarable .

  • Meant to say 'reducing' !

  • Fyi you can actually edit posts, just click on the little arrow.... I use it all the time!

  • Oh dear, predictive texts fails again.. For 'pressure' read prednisolone

  • Don't worry tgca, I know what you meant. Yes, I agree with you about drs and their limited knowledge about GCA, and wonder why they don't learn about it?

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