How to wean off Lanzoprazole?

Following an earlier post about PPI's, made me think again about getting off the Lanzoprazole ( I'm on 15mg) which I have been on since before the PMR, so about 6 years. I tried to get off it a couple of years ago and switch to Ranitidine but found the acid reflux came back. Maybe I wasn't weaning off it properly? Is there some kind of protocol or is everyone different? If I was weaning off, could I be taking something else to replace it at the same time? I must admit I hate Gaviscon, so wouldn't want that! I haven't yet tried the yoghurt approach but wonder if that might only work for those who don't get acid symptoms. Maybe a pharmacist would be the best person to talk to?

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  • Hi Suzy1959.

    I like your question because I have been on Lansoprazole longer than you have :-(

    I was prescribed it after I had inflammation of the oesophagus due to acid reflux and they named it with the abbreviation GERD. It worked a treat because they stop the stomach producing acid. But have learned over the years that stomach acid is eventual for the rest of the digestive system. Too much however is not good and in my case I am sure the cause was due to my stomach producing too much acid due to an inefficient diet and constant stress from work :-( but that's another story :-)

    However over the years I have read bad reports about the side effects, :-( some of which being - preventing the body from absorbing some vitamins and minerals leading to things like osteoporosis, low levels of magnesium, potassium, calcium etc.

    I have confronted my GP about this on different times and he claims that it is just 'hype'. However due to the publicity and the Patient Information Leaflet info I have tried to get off the PPI on many occasions and had to return to higher dose of 30mg to get the stomach pain under control. Once I get control I can return to the maintenance dose of 15mg. But hard as I try I can't get off them :-(

    Lets hope that we can gets some suggestions to answer your question because my Doctor can't help.

    Maybe a certain Auntie has got some answers :-)

    Pete :-)

  • I steered clear of the PPIs but one of the reasons I stopped Ranitidine was that I stopped digesting properly and I think it was due to my stomach acid being too low.

  • Yep, you've got it in one :-)

  • I'd say a pharmacist is the best place to go. Do you mean you stopped the Lanzo and went straight on to Ranitidine but still got acid? Or was there a gap with no cover at all?

    I used to take Ranitidine but found I got rebound acid after two weeks anyway, so I now take Gaviscon plus enteric coated Pred some hours apart. Coming off the Ranitidine was bad for two weeks then it settled. But, we're all different.

  • You get lower doses I think so you can alternate high and low doses, then if you were going to stop altogether you could just leave out a day now and then, increasing the number of days without. But if you are switching to ranitidine it shouldn't be a problem - it reduces acid too, just a different mechanism. So if you were really worried you could alternate the PPI and the ranitidine and then increase the days of ranitidine. Once you are switched you could try odd days of just yoghurt and see how you get on.

  • Hi PMRpro.

    Thanks for your swift reply to Suzy and myself. I had considered the DSNS method but somehow I was hesitant. Your suggestion looks sound to me.

    I'll have to try it ! :-)

    Pete :-)

  • Try this

    One lemon, in microwave for one minute........(more juice)

    Divide in three and take in water just after or before meals.

    It worked and has done so for others...........I should add not everybody but most.

    Celtic told me about this and we published it in 'Tips and Tricks'

  • Thank you for all the helpful replies. Jinasc, do you mean that drinking the lemon juice stops the acid production and replaces either the ppi or ranitidine? Seems so simple!

  • I am currently on Pantoprazole, Ranitidine, 2 Prochlorazine for nausea and Domperidone, taken together with 3 to 4 Gaviscon for acid reflux a.k.a. GERD. I also sip ginger ale or ginger tea. If that doesn't settle it, I have 2 slices of toast to absorb the acid. Yogurt is very good as well. I know Domperidone has some side effects but it is very effective for me in that it moves the acid out of the stomach to the intestine.

    P. D. MacMillan

  • Hi Suzy,

    I have been on Omeprezole but was not working so my doctor changed to Ranitidine and was so much better.. I then went through a period I kept getting Gastritis and it did not stop till I also started taking Nexium. U can ask ur GP to change the Ranitidine for Nexium and give it a try. Since been taking it I have not had any issues with my stomach..

    Gentle hugs


  • hi every one, yes I have been on 20mg lansopra

  • hi every one yes I have been on 20mg of these for 6years as I had the infection ulcers and my wind pipe was always soar like burning, but, now when I stop taking these my symtoms come straight back I get bloating and had that infection, not the noro virus another one and now don't take ibrufophen cause these cause me ulcers and aacid reflux, and now 5 years on tried stopping taking then I am in trouble, I have not had a cooked warm meal in over 10 years my stomach is just like a bloated rugby ball shape , I just eat a cerearel bar and that's it nightmare will be here all day post my problems, good luck any way, eg it does stop the burning windpipe though

  • Hi I take lansoprazole and ranitidine for reflux to be honest it's the only one of my medications I want to take the pain from reflux is horrible I can eat what ever I want and they stop the acid the being sick the misery you feel when you're burning I don't think there are any bad effects from taking them unlike the rest of the medications I take with horrible side effects is there a reading you want to stop have you had a reaction or just don't like taking pills? They also protect your stomach against other medications that can damage the lining hope that helps you in some way good luck Jane 😊

  • Like all medications they too have side effects. Plenty of people on the forum who have had problems. And they reduce the absorption of calcium so you need to be watchful about having dexascans.

  • I have managed my reflux by drinking a glass of water with a slug of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. It works for me probably similar to the lemon juice suggestion someone made. I rarely need to do it now but as soon as it flares up i start drinking this mix once a day. It works a treat.

  • Hi Suzy 1959. I suffered with very bad acid reflux, so much so I thought I was having a heart attack one day. I'd tried not to take the Ranitidine the GP had given me but rang her (when I thought I was having a heart attack) and she said Just Take It! After that I felt much better, however the acid came back. Subsequently I was diagnosed as Diabetic. Believe it or not, I cut out the sugar, lost weight, and the acid disappeared, so perhaps there's a link between sugar and too much acid? Being overweight certainly didn't help and I think I may have a sliding hiatus hernia. I still have the occasional reflux, but have put it down to bread and wheat, so try not to eat those. I haven't taken Ranitidine since! I'm a little bit of a self-diagnosis girl which sometimes helps and sometimes not. I hope this helps, but it may not be the same for all. Worth a try?

  • There are a few experts who say that cutting carbs is a good way to improve GERD.

  • Unfortunately whatever some people do they cannot control GERD any other way than with PPIs - a bit like Pred which has pros & cons in terms of all the good impacts and possible side effects - but if it works for you - & makes life bearable (acid reflux can be VERY VERY painful - and is sometimes mistaken for a heart attack) and prevents 'Barretts' Esophagus' - which can lead to throat cancer - then I'll continue to take it. Getting 'off' PPIs after years of taking them may not be easy - especially if the causes of GERD remain the same (eg it can 'run in families' due to similar physical 'architecture') - which is rather different than taking them for a relatively 'shorter' period while also taking Pred - altho obviously this can also run into years & years as we all know. Just some different variables to consider ...

  • I asked on this forum about reflux a couple of years ago when I had a very bad bout. I was on gaviscon, ranitidine and omeprozole and started to feel worse and worse. Not only did the reflux get so bad that I was having to sit upright all night (and still sleeping badly), barely eating and also got strange metallic and sweet tastes in my mouth all the time. An encoscopy did not show any problems.

    The helpful replies on this forum that I received were from other people with thyroid issues which explained that if the metabolism is sluggish then the stomach produces insufficient acid, not too much. This means food isn't digested so sits there, and then as it decays in the stomach the acid is forced back up. Apparently the lower valve into the bowel only opens when the acidity of the stomach is high enough. I looked into this on internet and by buying books and found there is a lot of alternative information about this theory. Doctors don't usually go along with it but it worked for me. I gave up the drugs and cut out grains and sugars for a long time (I do have them now but not too much -- only when I go out). I did find the cider vinegar good (tablespoon in mug of warm water) because it raises acidity so moves the digestion on. Some people use betaine hydrochloride tablets but you do need to read up on this. There is quite a lot of information about this on internet from alternative practictioners - for example I went to -

    There are also books about this approach available from Amazon

    I don't have any medical knowledge and sorted this out for myself, and can't guarantee it would work, but as I haven't had reflux for a couple of years now and am feeling so well then I really wanted to share it with you.

  • It is quite common for apparent reflux to be due to too little rather than too much acid. I assume that is how the lemon juice approach works too.

  • Hi Suzy

    I have been on 30mgms for about 5 years. About a month ago I had what I thought was Labyrinthitis, an old friend. Nothing helped, I was week and wobbly so being a total hypochondriac, I decided I must have something more sinister. I had my blood done and found my CRP was 3 which is amazing but my sodium was low and magnesium very low so hence the symptoms. One of the culprits was the Indapamine which I had for my blood pressure but the other was the Lansoprazole. I have stopped

    Indapamine and am now taking Mucogel and Magnesium tablets. The former is like Gaviscon but thinner and is a nuisance but it works in managing the Reflux and cured all the other symptoms. I feel so much better. I will try the lemon but need to be careful it doesn't give me cystitis.

  • I have been on 30mg Lansoprazole for about 10 years and take Ranatidine in the evening. I have tried to stop them but with no success. It is important not to get acid in the oesophagus because the lining gets damaged and eventually can cause cancer (so my Rheumatologist says) apart from the ghastly pain it causes. So I don't worry now because taking it seems the best thing to do. I have tried Nexium but it didn't do anything to stop the acid reflux.

    There seem to a lot us us with acid reflux!

  • Just to give you an update- I went cold turkey and stopped the Lanzoprazole about 3 weeks ago- very few problems since then, so I feel much better now!

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