Doctor visit tomorrow don't want change i don't know. 😤

As I said tomorrow worried doc may suggest a change of med. I don't know.

I know pred and had no problems or bad side effects.

Appart from them trying to bring me down too damed fast 😬

6 years ish. And I now realise it Manley down to them. 😲

Also concerns they won't want me to do steady.

And they weal the prescription pad 😕

I must stay ferm. But they can be crafty and say try thes. 🙄

Thanks all advice welcome 👍👍👍


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Stand your ground, your body, your decision.

Let us know how you get on.

Oh and remember - you are paying think, they are my employees.


Thanks I'll try my best at best now I feel I know what I am talking about. Now with all the fantastic knowledge I have gleaned from you fantastic helpful people. 👍👍👍

You can't beet first hand knolage

It is great fully received. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Whisking you all all the best. Ron. 🌹🌹


But I must confess it's these other thing he may try to switch me too worrying me. 😲

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Hi ronzy, it is your body and your decision. Stand your ground. If your doc refuses to give you your pred you can always find a new doc who will listen to your worries. Best of luck, stay strong. 💐


Your docs seem to cause you more stress than the disease. Like the others say, hold firm with the drug that suits you and works. The more I hear about substitutes the less bad I think Pred is.


You have my sympathy. What is it about being in a consulting room that turns me into a blithering idiot, unable to stand one's ground? I have trouble, even after dealing with docs in my job for 30 years! My approach is to keep asking questions sweetly so they have to explain their decision process. Prepare a few before. It feels less confrontational than countering with ones own argument with facts and figures. "Oh, thank you doctor, but could you explain why reducing faster helps me over all if I keep having to go up?" . Or, "That's very interesting. Could you tell me how patients you've seen have respond to having that extra drug?". "Hmm thank you, so how did they get on in the long term?" . "Were they better off with the side effects of that drug or Pred?". "That's useful thanks, could you tell me how fits with my case?" . Just keep going. It still takes courage but feels less like a battle and tells you if they are making decisions based on any thought or learning. A good doctor won't bat an eyelid and will answer you well without hesitation from good experience or evidence based knowledge and hopefully a smattering of common sense. A bad one might well be irritated but find it less easy to shut you down and sometimes even back themselves into a corner and be less able to refuse your request. However, judging by a few posts on here, nothing will stop some from trying to chuck you out or being rude. If it was a restaurant, you wouldn't go back would you? This is more important than a badly cooked rib-eye or a fly in your soup.

Failing that, try to imagine them sitting there in their underpants as they say.

Throw in a courtesy or two, it hides the fact that your legs have gone to jelly 😉


👍👍👍👍😂 thanks good pts.

I'll let you know 😬🍀🍀


Just got back from doctor.

He made me feel like a junky 😱

Trying is best to make me come down 2.5 at 2 weeks.

I stood my ground saying I need to try steady 1 a month.

Then face like thunder did lots of typing. Saying it was doctor turner put me on them for no reason in 2013

He said it was in my notes that I

Had refused to come off pred

Then did lots more typing rote out prescriptions for to come down 1 at a time per 2weeks

I'll see you in another two weeks

If you're not happy with that you will have to find another doctor. 😱😱😰

I am disappointed and disgusted.


That's really funny. He's telling you "This will go on your permanent record" like you're some school kid and he's the school principal.

Time to ditch this guy. You can still see him while you're searching for someone who kows how to do their job. But start looking now.


You were obviously assertive enough to win a small victory. How are you symptom-wise?

Wouldn't it be great if you gradually reduced your dose and discovered that PMR had b******d off?


Hi Jane 😓

I'm a bit down.

My symptoms. I feel when I get down to 5 will all be back.

Waken up at 3 ish. Wet though with sweat. Not just a little so bad I have to take off bed attire. And hang up to dry.

They wurst I had was to me. All the symptoms of CGA well almost

Pain across my eyes temple. Sore head to tuch. Down back of my neck. And my right eye was very sore in the corner. So I panicked and whent up to 30 mg off my own bat. Then lost all Symptoms 😳 Then the all say I'm fine.

Big mistake eh.


Sorry Ronzy that sounds difficult to deal with. Sounds like the disease is still active. What makes it worse is not being treated with respect by your doctors and the persistent feeling that you are not being taken seriously. It sounds like you need to find a different doctor and start afresh or have an advocate go with you to speak up for you with this dismissive doctor to make them start seeing you as an individual who is suffering and needs wise medical guidance. Are you still on high dose Pred? I expect that triggers the awful night sweats. Eye pain freaks me out too. Did you tell the doc about going up to 30 mgs and the relief it brought you?


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