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A quick thank you

I read this forum every day. I appreciate the patient and thorough replies to every post, even if a question has been asked many times. To a new PMR/GCA traveler, it's all quite scary. And, I've come to put much more faith in the info here than what I get from my frequently absent (literally and/or figuratively) rheumy.

But, the big thank you comes from my experience of having back surgery two weeks ago. In brief: outpatient, micro-surgery to decompress a pinched nerve. But, it's my spine (yikes!) under general anesthesia, incision through my pred-induced fat "saddle." With knowledge gained on this forum, I sailed through -- managed my pred dosing with no flare, and went into surgery with much less anxiety. Kudos to the "aunties" and "unc" MB (yes, I did miss you while you were under the weather) -- hugs and kisses!

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Ahh, thanks and Bless you, cctraveler!

Glad you're getting through all things PMR (and the associated health 'glitches'!).

Yes, I agree. The PMR Journey can be quite scary (and, to be honest, depressing, as I well-know). Fingers crossed, your back surgery will be ok. I can relate to 'pinched' nerves (Lower T4/5 etc?). In my past life as a regular Squash player and Action Man, I experienced this too - often as a result of being too 'Active'! Oh well, we learn through these experiences.. ;-) :-/

As you say, we have a great and thoughtful community here - long may it continue!

Best thoughts - and keep us posted please?

MB :-)

(aka The Honorary 'Uncle Mark') :-D


Good for you cctraveller! Taking charge - the only way forward.


I would like to second that! I belong to several forums and this one is unique in the patience and empathy of it members. It is a great support and very much appreciated.


There are another two forums, both UK based who have both patience and empathy and some of us who post on here post on those as well.

One of them is more like a family and completely daft, funny and caring. Not all about PMR&GCA although all those on it have one, t'other or both and sometimes, second time around. The 'oldies' have been together for years and some of us have even met each other in the real world.

The other forum, is where the 'daughters' came from................without that one and 5 people who posted on there - non of this would exist.

Well that is not quite true - someone else would have come along, I am sure, but it would have been different.


I'm sure you're right. I was actually referring to forums related to completely different topics (motorbikes and gardening). I should have made that clear.

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Oh another gardener who does motor biking?

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