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Nail fungus


Have had toe nail fungus for years can't get rid of it and am not taking any more medication which I heard does work but affects liver!

When I tried to hide with nail varnish they all turned black - understand there are much gentler varnishes on the market now. Maybe worth doing some research. The steroids definitely making skin on feet look awful ... spending loads on foot cream but nothing works!

Oh well .....good luck ....another cross to bear... or is it bare!!

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As I reduce Prednisalone the psoriasis on my feet has returned with a vengeance. They have never looked so awful with thickened discoloured big toenails too. Boot shoes for me despite the heat.

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Yes too embarrassing wearing open sandals!!


for dry skin i use allpresan diabetic foam foot cream intensive. stick cotton socks on for an hour or so. rotate this with marble hill pedisalve...can put shoes on quickly after that. cant help with toe nails.


Thank you for that - have made copious notes ... I assume you can buy at Boots or is this online ?


I'm dealing with one finger nail and one toenail fungus. Im using Vicks vapor in on the the nails. Cover with bandaids and change daily. Seems to be working but takes months. I got my fungus last year.


Have you tried tea tree oil? I had toenail fungus some years ago and found it v effective .


I have heard about good old Vick which I tried for a bit but think I gave up too soon ..and used tea tree years ago might give that a shot too! Apparently you have to work at it for at least a year!


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