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Hi I have been diagnosed with early palindromic polymyalgic rheumatoid arthritis been in so much pain been back and forward to hospitals since Jan my body keeps going into bad muscle spasms were my whole body is affected been on steroids as my cpr went up 2 200 which was a concern as hospital phoned me next day I have been on methotrexate for 4 weeks now will these pains go

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I'm sorry but I'm really not sure anyone here can answer your question - because this forum is about polymyalgia rheumatica which is a disorder in its own right and is not the same as palindromic rheumatoid arthritis with polymyalgic onset. You need to be on a rheumatoid arthritis forum I'm afraid.


Hi Diane, check out " yourpharmacist" posting about magnesium deficiency re muscle spasms. Might help.

Regards. j


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