Arthritis and pmr

After 4 years with pmr, a recent MRI showed severe arthritis in spine.

Ok, what!!!

I was prescribed 200 mg celecoxib, which I started this morning.

Anyone have experience with this drug, I am currently using 6 mg prednisone.

Your collective wisdom has been my lifeline with pmr, and I expect others also have arthritis. What have you done?

Thanks everyone. Regards, Jerri

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  • What sort of arthritis?

  • Plain old osteo-wear-and- tear after a long life lived well... Fortunately not rheumatoid!

    Neuro surgeon who did MRI said pmr definitely adds to the mix. So lifestyle mods and pain management seem the route to take. Just curious about the celecoxib, which is a pretty effective drug, but with prednisone, can produce stomach issues, ulcers, etc.

    thanks, j

  • No - just wondered if it WERE an inflammatory arthritis then it might be a spondyloarthropathy and they respond well to anti-TNF drugs. And can present initially very like PMR - even to causing GCA symptoms when it interferes with neck arteries.

    Does a bit more pred help? It does for some people. In which case I rather use it than a lot of other things if a low enough dose helped.

  • PRMPro , I don't know "anti-TNF" meaning, ...and will look up spondy....??

    Neuro/ Ortho didn't talk much about the arthritis, other than tell me I did not need further surgery (not that I would have agreed to it anyway)

    I recall my very first prednisone dose relieved 90% of spine, knee, and PMR pain. I was in star-filled heaven !Of course 20 mg brings the dump truck of other little prizes, so I was happy to reduce.

    I think You are correct about a bit more prednisone helping...I just need to play this out a bit to find the cocktail of drugs that will let me live a few more years in relative musculoskeletal comfort!

    Have I mentioned that you are my hero❤️ J

  • Anti-TNF agents are a group of biologics used in RA. Spondyloarthropathies are inflammatory arthritides:

  • Thank you. J

  • hi

    I remember taking a "..coxib" years ago for anti-inflammatory when I had slipped disc. switched then to naproxen for a while. I seem to remember a kerfuffle some years back about coxib family causing heart problems or something. I have OA in lower spine, hands and neck. Pain comes and goes. I have used nsaids and pain killers along the way. since pred have avoided nsaids. I am sure there will be other arthritis people answering you. but obviously need to name that arthritis to get to right people.

  • Thanks😊

  • If it is osteo arthritis there is not much you can do . Tylenol has been effective for me. I had severe Stenosis and that can be helped by a laminectomy . They do epidurals here as well as acupuncture and physical therapy. Water therapy is the best for arthritis . It is not pleasant to have and weather does affect it....dampness mostly. I have found that it affects the nerves ...I guess by the pressure on the spine and that is the hardest thing for me. Prednisone does also help so reducing that factors in. That is just my one rhuemotilogist blames most of my pain on the arthritis not the PMR. The awful fatigue is my auto immune marker. Sorry I am not more help but I have not been put in the drug you mention.

  • Thanks , your situation is very similar to mine. I have had the traditional pmr diagnosis and treatment, stenosis with surgical remedy, and now arthritis. This isn't fun, and I don't want to take narcotics for pain relief. Thus my question about celecoxib. I took it years ago for osteoarthritis in knee, then knee replacement resolved the pain.

    Thanks, j

  • yes used for before my surgery...laminectomy too. I think pred has helped. but as above can be weather dependent. I have used tens machine for years And found it helped. back even when used in trap muscles. you have to have it as high as you can least I do.

    there are still questions about coxib

    I know there are still issues with it with pred but I get prescription ibuprofen gel. photos on max strength 10% w/w gel.

    I also used to get capsacin cream on prescription which looking back on it was prop muscles starting PMR. told me not a prescription drug now but I liked it. i would be loathe to take celecoxib now but that's cos I think I would need lanzaporole again. only just got off it and it was bad process ...gerd etc. I have gone back to a bit of gaviscon now. sorry for the wittering!! Just found out how to edit messages. yaaaay

  • Hi Poopadoop. Do you think tens machine help with muscle spasms I have in back of shoulder with PMR?

  • yes. it has for me. like I say I cycle it up as high as I can. it has differet progs for different muscle groups so you have to find your favourite one. it feels like domeone doing deep massage for me. 10mins max at first. the one I have now is wireless. I can stick patches on spasming muscles and control with remote unit. wasn't costly. Just a Lloyds sprecial. hey new pads from there.

  • Thanks. Hubby has one so I will get him to 'plug me in' tomorrow and give it a whirl. This one muscle spasm is getting worse rather than better regardless of whatever dose of pred. (Alternating 15mgs with 12.5mgs at present).

  • Thanks. J

  • just make sure no pacemakers. think it might interfere 😎

  • Thanks for the warning Poopadoop. I am aware as tens machine was my mum's UNTIL she had her pacemaker fitted, but good of you to trouble to get back on this. Your help is much appreciated.

  • Yes! I have a pacemaker/defibrillator. I have been warned no Tens or nsaids. I have osteoarthritis in my fingers wrists shoulders and lower spine. I take Tramadol and paracetamol. Pmr has just been the last straw.

  • Crikey. it sure is last straw. I too take tramadol and had got things fairly settled at workable level but amazing how PMR pain just breaks through. I think pred helps hands more than I thought it would but.ig I bang thumb..yowser!!

  • My hand pain was PMR - not the OA the rheumy claimed.

  • Suspect similar cos of pred helping. My ankles and feet been like new....well second hand but better than pre steroids. If I tried to get out of car pre pred I had to hang right shoulder in seat belt and tip myself out and do the Frankenstein walk to front door.

  • Yup!!!!

  • Sounds VERY familiar the Frankinstein walk. Apt description!

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