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Good morning fellow PMR sufferers. I keep up with the Posts and find them so useful. I was diagnosed in April and started the 15mg Pred which has left me pain free since. I have had regular blood tests since and had reductions to 12.5mg and then 10mg.. Had last blood test on Friday 23rd June and Doctor appt on Monday. She said it's good news that my ESR? was down to 5 from 54 when first diagnosed. I am now on 9mg (one 5mg and 4x 1mg) and to reduce each month. I feel very lucky in not having any pain which was severe at the start. I must say that when first diagnosed with PMR it was quite scary not knowing what it was, but by chance I saw a notice in the monthly U3A mag of a book on this very subject by Kate Gilbert (available from Amazon) which is very informative and from that I got this site advertised. Thanks to everyone who replies to various posts in a most informative way and they have relieved a lot of my concerns, and I am sure that of many others, so a very BIG thank you.

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Hi Dot2017,

Glad to hear you're coping well with PMR. Your ESR should be down into low figures - that's the effect of the Prednisolone on the inflammation caused by the PMR. It doesn't mean your PMR is gone, it's just means the inflammation is well controlled, so don't let the GP get too carried away and try and reduce you too quickly.

You may find as you get lower that 1mg a month is too much, but you won't know until you try, you may be one of lucky ones that can do it. If you do struggle then you can always cut your 1mg tablet, so long as it's uncoated type, to achieve 0.5mg.

Around 7mg your adrenal glands need to start working again, and some people find they are a lot more fatigued as that happens - but being aware of that does help. You don't go into a panic and think the worst.

Continued good luck.


Thank you DorsetLady I do look forward to your replies as you have obviously been there in most cases and can give a very informative resonse. My Doctor has asked me to make further appt in 6 weeks after yet another blood test so not rushing too much and will take time. Thank you.

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