At Last

Good morning all. On Tuesday I took my last 1mg tablet of prednisolone. I am, of course, holding my breath in case it's all an illusion and PMR is still lurking round the corner!. I do still have some stiffness and frequent exhaustion, but nothing like the old PMR symptoms. do have Sjogrens syndrome and know the exhaustion is to be expected but apart from that and dry eyes and mouth, I can't complain.

Good luck and good health to all of you on this wonderfully helpful forum.

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  • Hi Annodomini,

    Well done! From personal experience I would say that a lot of the fatigue is normal after coming off Pred. It does take time for things to settle down.

    And don't imagine that every little ache or pain is a return of PMR! Unfortunately most of them are down to life!

    Keep well

  • Well done - and all the best !!

  • Fingers crossed this lasts a VERY long time - preferably for ever!

    Most people I know who have got off pred say it took about a year to feel really back to normal.

  • Normal???? As we know - who is normal!

  • Who or what?

  • Wow! Congratulations. May everything be smooth and pain free now. And stay that way. PMRJ PMR LIFE

  • Great work Annodomini! Perhaps get a step counter and start increasing your walking, your muscles will have weakened.Walking more seems to make me less not more tired. Tell yourself you are doing just fine.

  • Walking would be great if I didn't have an arthritic left foot! I will take up swimming when I have had a word with my ENT consultant because I don't know how it might affect my inflamed sinus. This makes me sound a proper old wreck! I'm not really.

  • Pilates might be an option. I keep meaning to go but I hate classes and the competitiveness that creeps in. I need to do more I know. Anyway you are a great example, long may you remain hail and hearty.

  • That is wonderful it must be a fabulous feeling.

  • Annodomini. I felt quite emotional when I read your post. The light at the end of the Pred tunnel must be wonderfully exciting!

  • Can't wait to join you!! Congratulations!

  • Hey brill news. Fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

  • Well done you!! All the very best for the future. Xx

  • Thanks everyone. I'm glad I didn't believe my rheumy when she said she thought I might need a low dosage for ever!

  • Quite - I wish I knew what makes them think they can tell...

  • Nevertheless, she really knew her stuff about PMR. The tapering procedure she recommended was just what it would be here. My GP has much the same view and has encouraged me to reduce at the pace I consider best.

  • Great news!! Good luck.👍👍👍

  • Wonderful news and a sign of hope for all of us! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow!...good news indeed! It is always great to hear of someone seeing the light at the end of the tunnel😊 Keep us posted...

  • Just wondered how long you were on Prednisone. I am nearing the end after 4 years but am coming down by .25 mg.

  • Six years and ten days! I did a very slow taper and finally made it last week. Good luck to you.

  • Wonderful news. So glad to hear it.

    Stay healthy and may every blessing go with you

  • Annodomini - wonderful! I really hope and pray life goes extremely well PMR free!

  • So glad for you!! Such encouraging news for us all! Thank you for sharing the good news😊

  • A success story is always wonderful to hear!

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