Stress and symptons of pmr

want to add further, i think i,ve noticed a c orrelation between beind overstressed, be it mental, emotional, or physical , and pmr symptons returning, that is shoulder stiffness in mornings, hamstrings, etc., i have had a lot of stressful situations with family, in particular 21 yr old grandaughter who had a baby one year ago, a lot of trauma in her life, to the point my son and daughter in law have custody of baby, trying to support her, and my son through this nightmare, is an ongoing, exhausting, stressful time, but on really bad days i have with her, seem to notice takes a big toll on me,both mentally and physically,? has anyone else noticed symptons are worse when faced with these kind of stressful situations

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  • Absolutely - PMR just LOVES stress!

  • I am off pred for time being but now have stiff legs and one very swollen my dr said go to your rheumy to put an injection in it. Having just been diagnosed with angina I am a bit of a nervous wreck and doc says pain is caused by my being stressed out (. I am selling my house too) so take a paracetamol. Well I will try anything next week I have an angiogram has anyone else had one? Rather worried perkey

  • My husband had more angiograms than I like to recall!

    I think the thought is actually worse than the procedure itself. It's a very common, relatively quick and usually straightforward procedure, sure the nurses will make you relaxed and as comfortable as they can before it's done, and you get a cuppa and a biscuit afterwards! At least then you'll know what needs to be done.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you Dorset Lady. I will calm down I don't usually flap. It is booked for next Saturday. I suppose it doesn't help that my son died when he was 44 awaiting an angiogram and now I feel I gave him the bad gene. Sound like a real nut case but truly I am quite sensible normally I am still surviving poly but I read all of your letters and feel like one of the lucky ones!!!!

  • Hi again,

    Typical parent - we always feel guilty about our children's health. It might be a family trait, but just as likely not to be!

    Take care.

  • Given how long you have been on the forum arvine - I'm amazed you haven't read the threads discussing stress and PMR - and avoiding it for your own good.

    It is probably mentioned at least once a week...

  • yes, i have read, guess i,m just looking for some common stories on how pmr patients have coped with kind of stress i,m talking about, the kind you can,t avoid

  • I think it comes down to pacing again just like with your physical activities. You have to carve out time for yourself doing peaceful activities that you enjoy , or simply sleeping, or gentle walks in lovely surroundings.

    Also have trust, these situations do resolve you know, with or without you.

    My little tear away has a wonderful, productive life and family now. It's nothing short of a miracle.

  • Never overdo it like silly me and suffer for days after !

  • Most definitely arvine. Particularly the inescapable, worrying, family situations such as you describe. The deterioration in wellness is almost instantaneous . I feel like someone who keels over in a melodrama and of course have to hide it or will be told "it's not all about you mum".

    I do hope things get better for you and your family, it's agony I know.

  • Just organised a Midfullness training session for all my staff. I did it as well and although not all the exercises worked the breathing and making time for just being still is something I will be using to try to control my stress (positive and negative) levels as they play hell with my PMR management!

  • Hello. I am so sorry to hear of your relapse and your stressful situation right now. I too believe that stress is a major factor in both PMR and PMR relapses. In fact my GP has clearly expressed his belief that the stress in my life was indeed what caused me to suffer PMR in the first place. Some people say the only solution is to remove the stressful situations from your life but we all know that is simply not possible in most cases . If there is any chance to take up some relaxtion programs like yoga or meditation you may find some help and relief through that . I send you healing thoughts and prayers for a recovery from this dreadful illness . xx

  • I definitely agree! Stress is the worst thing ever when you have PMR.I'm sure that's what caused all this in the first place.My stress is in the workplace and I find it very hard to switch off when I get home.

  • Yes and many of us have tried, I believe, to be superwoman and also for me, tried to be,on occasions, the one who steps in and tries to help resolve family problems and situations. Now I try to step back, and selectively choose to help if I feel it is really necessary and also in a way that doesn't compromise my health. This may mean being more creative in the way I help, perhaps not always practically but sometimes emotionally, when able, to send texts and cards etc. To enjoy chats with the grandchildren, watch a film at home with them etc. To give small financial helps, if I think it appropriate, whereas before I would have been more hands on.

    I refuse invitations which I feel are "just too much" for me at the moment. This actually has been quite a freeing thing as before PMRGCA I did hate letting folk down and also felt I had to cram everything in. I also enjoy more creative leisure activities and carve out more time for relaxing and resting.

    It is a different way of life but also can put more balance into your life too.

  • Gosh yes! That's how my PMR started. Months of huge stress with my adult son and constant worry. Then wham! PMR!

    I have learnt to try and stop worrying and concentrate on recovering from this illness.

  • My PMR started about a year after my GCA, Do toe told me while I get these things no one else does !! He has a dry sense of humor lol

  • Doctor not do toe lol

  • Yes yes yes, my 97 yr Aunty stresses me bless her, by the time I leave her, my GCA flares up !!!!

  • Yes, stress will make it worse. It will put you in bed if your not careful.

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