Tart Cherry and PMR?

Hi. A few years ago, after a painful attack of gout, a friend suggested that I try Tart Cherry to ward off another attack. I did this by using the capsules which I am still on. No gout since, then out of the blue comes PMR ! Does anyone know If Tart Cherry is of any use in the PMR "struggle" ? As I said, I am still taking them daily, but wonder if it is worthwhile.

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  • Hi Barnabus,

    I tried a cherry supplement for arthritis after recommendation from a friend, but can't say I noticed any significant difference.

    You could try coming off them for a month or so and see if things deteriorate, trouble is you might get a return of gout!

    Like lots of things it's trial and error and what works for me doesn't necessarily work for you.

    Be interesting to know the outcome though - if you're brave enough to stop!

  • Thanks DorsetLady. After reading your response earlier I considered stopping them for a while to see how it goes. However, on reflection I've decided to stay with them for now. If PMR worsened or gout returned I wouldn't know whether to blame Pred tapering or quitting Tart Cherry! Maybe do it later on, if I pick up the courage!

  • Yes, it's always very difficult to stop these things - just in case! It's like me with glucosamine and arthritis - not sure it's doing anything, but......?

  • It depends upon what form of arthritis you have Dorset Lady. Cherries won't help Osteoarthritis for instance because it is not an inflammatory arthritis. It should/could help rheumatoid and PMR though. I am hoping that my pain free waking this morning is due to the freeze dried montmorency cherry capsules which I have been taking for 3 days. Still hurts to walk, but early days! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ‘

  • Hi,

    Yes it is OA- that might explain why remedies (?) that others rave about do nothing for me! Ah well, back to the drawing board!

    Would that life was simple!

    Take care.

  • A GP I knew said castor oil was really good for osteo arthritis!!

  • That sounds like the Victorian concept that all ills were related to the state of one's bowels...

  • Just read that castor oil capsules help relieve arthritic knee pain. So may have to give it a go! Not too sure about the side effects though!

  • Would that be taken or rubbed in? Harking back to my childhood I would prefer rubbing it in, but somehow think it is the other one!


  • Mmmm!!!

  • I tend to think that everything that we experience in our health is connected. I wonder if your attacks of Gout were heralding the onset of the auto- immune disease PMR?

    Some of us have a number of auto-immune diseases, I have PMR, Graves Disease and one Rheumatologist thought Fibromyalgia too. I think that everything we can do to build up our mind and body and emotions will help. I have tried various supplements with no particular startling results and will probably continue doing so. My biggest help has been trying to live a healthy life with a good all round diet, exercise, plenty of sleep and rest, the avoidance of unnecessary stress and plenty to keep me interested. My biggest tonic has been spending time with my little grandson, learning how to play and be creative and lots and lots of love. This seems to give me a massive positive boost. So there is something in seeking out fulfilling activities that bring you happiness.

  • Hi SJ,

    So agree with your last sentence. Before he died, almost 4 years, ago my husband said to me "I don't want you sitting around indoors by yourself moping, get out and continue to enjoy life" and I have.

    Must admit it hasn't always been easy, especially early days, but you must continue to do what you can, and what you enjoy - as we know some days that's not a lot, and other days it proves too much! But there will come a day when you may not be able to, so while you can - DO!

    Take care.

  • What a lovely blessing he left you with. He sounds very special.

  • He was! My soul mate.

    Mind that doesn't mean life was always a bowl of cherries - (sorry, keeping up the theme!) but the good outweighed the bad.

  • Thank you SheffieldJane. Indeed there could be a link between my gout attack and the onset of PMR. It must be difficult dealing with multiple auto-immune condition. You have a very positive attitude and lots of interests which must help.

  • I started with Gout in finger a couple of years before the RA and later PMR. Then I had trigger finger which started the PMR properly.

  • I had trigger finger twice before the PMR arrived. Do you think there is a connection?

  • The Doctors and rheumy said no connection, but then it took them 2 years to diagnose PMR, during which time I was branded a hypochondriac!

    So I think it may well be connected. Or not. πŸ˜‚

  • Thank you, who knows what goes on in these bodies of ours😦

  • I get cherry juice which is supposed to help PMR. You should get the Montmorency cherries apparently. I love cherry juice anyway.

  • Thanks. I'll have to look out for those Montmorency cherries.

  • My cherry capsules are montmorency cherries, freeze dried in capsules. 2nd day of taking them today. 🌺

  • I've read good reports on Montmorency, here's hoping you find them helpful.

  • *well, well*.

    Woke up this morning and .. no pain in my legs! Conspicuous by it's absence! Still hurts to 'walk', but I think to a lesser degree. Is it the cherry pills? Is it coincidence? Was the doc right when she branded me a hypochondriac? reduced pred yesterday from 13 to 12 and was expecting nasties this morning.

    Only time will tell if the cherry is a cure!. Now wouldn't that be luverly?!


  • Thanks for the update.cGood news indeed. A lovely surprise to have first thing in the morning! Especially seeing that you've also reduced Pred. Could, of course, be a coincidence, but it's an encouragement to stay on the Cherries!

  • Any doctor who tried to insinuate I was a hypochondriac might find themselves being subjected to a bit of reeducation...

  • She was relieved of her position. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  • Couldn't have happened to a better person - though I hope it wasn't a case of promoted out of harm's way...

  • 5th day on cherry capsules Barnabus.

    Legs still good in the morning. However, good news! Pre breakfast and thus pre Pred for the day, my shoulders and upper arms have no pain at all! First time in 4 years!

    Is it psychological or do the cherry caps really fix the inflammation?


  • Thanks PMRandRA, Great news, I'm delighted for you. And after four years of pain, that is impressive. Who knows if the cherries really fix the inflammation? The thing is, they seem to be working! Maybe they provide something that your body needed. Keep on taking those capsules!!

  • You are all making me crave cherries. It's probably a sign. πŸ’

  • Red cherries definitely help. Unfortunately they are seasonal and also dreadfully expensive. However there is a drink called Cherry Good which works well too. Also good for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Thanks. Good to know you find cherries helpful, also for RA. I'm using Tart Cherry capsules. Its probably not as good as using fresh cherries or cherry juice. But I do find the capsules more convenient and probably cheaper. Whether or not they help my PMR I'm not sure. But as I've had no return of gout since starting the capsules,I'm reluctant to stop them!

  • Thank you Barnabus, I will seek out the capsules, although my taste for real cherries will be paramount whilst they are in season . Yummy. πŸ‘πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§β€οΈ

  • Very true PMRandRA, it's hard to beat the taste of fresh cherries in season. Although I take the Tart Cherry capsules every day, I do treat myself to the "real thing" occasionally!

  • Apparently there is a shortage of cherries (equals price increases) here this year because of the very late and severe frosts all over mainland Europe. Didn't do the apples or (even worse) grapes any good in our region either...

  • Aha! That would probably explain why the few cherries on display in our stores are so dear. I've been looking at them and thinking "I love cherries but I'm not paying that!"

  • Barnabus:

    Here's a bit of trivia for you.

    The word dear, which we use when something is expensive, is derived from the Dutch word duur ( pronounced dear) which means ? Expensive!


    The word to, as in push the door to, is derived from the Dutch word toe. ( pronounced to) Which means close or closed.

    It won't cure PMR, but might take your mind off it. 😊😜

  • I know the feeling!!!!

  • I got the cherry capsules Barnabus. Started them today and will keep you posted. πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • Excellent! I wish you well πŸ˜€

  • Misery-guts here to say - careful with the cherry juice (or any other sort of juice) if you are trying to go low carb!!!

  • Well it's better than a cherry cake 🍰 so Nya!

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