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A pinched nerve has affected my foot I have a condition called Dropped foot does not know if surgery will correct it or not depends on the nerve when freed up. Concerned about blue feet and leg mottling making me have Doppler test for veins etc.

Thinks hips and pelvis could be nerves as well so I have to have a series of xrays on hips and lower back.

Putting me on

Gabupentam nerve pill to see if it helps.

Wants me to go to Physical Therapy my legs are so detiorated…..from nerve and prednisone.

He said this is complicated I agreed with him totally, he is proceeding with caution…….possible surgery up to me.

Was concerned about my falling says its all the nerves in my legs

It just keeps on keeping on I am very depressed.

Tests will be done next week

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Are the Doppler tests for veins or for arteries? Has your doctor considered peripheral vascular disease as a cause for the problems? Poor blood flow to nerves could be playing a role.

All the best for the tests.


Both, sometimes my feet turn blue and my legs have all the red blood vessels showing. Thanks PMRpro


I had drop foot many years ago when I slipped a disc. I rested and it actually went away. It was quite frightening when it first happened, I was looking down at my foot as it sort of collapsed and I could do nothing about it. My father had drop foot too, he wore a sort of splint. He refused an operation. A friend who had it did have an operation for it. I am not sure it worked in his case, but it probably depends on the cause.

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Mine is from a pinched nerve that needs to be freed up...... looks like surgery

is the only way to accomplish this task


Have you tried physiotherapy as a first port of call?

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What is that?


Seeing a physical therapist.


yes I have a script to go to physical therapy for my legs


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