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I used to get puffy eyes quite often but since preds I have them all the time. I have fluid retention and also pee a lot so I have diuretics and for controlling the pee I have "betmiga 50 mg" my Spanish gp thinks it's the fluid retention can anyone give me any ideas on what night help.? Bad enough rabbit face , pain and stiffness, without having to be concerned about looks too! Oh I so love this forums what a godsend. THankyou THankyou!!

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  • “I use to get puffy eyes”

    If by that you mean eye lids and not the eye ball, then since I have been on preds, I too have puffy eye lids :-(

    This is most evident when I wake up but slightly improves during the day. When I went for an eye check the optometrist suggested that not only did I have puffy eye lids I also had Blepharitis!

    She said that the treatment was to use a warm compress placed on eye lids which would help the puffiness go down. It has helped a lot :-) but not completely. :-(

    She also gave me a booklet produced by the College of Optometrists on how to treat Blepharitis by using hot compresses. I am sure you could find this on line but have not looked.

    Incidentally, I am sure the puffiness is caused by the steroids and along with that the general body changes shape. I have managed to keep my weight down over the last two and a half years by cutting out as many carbs as possible and still enjoy my food. However my body has change shape by redistributing the fat.:-( So now I have ‘hamster cheeks and a fat belly’ :-( overall weight hasn’t changed much.

    Hope that helps, others with contribute to this I am sure.

    Pete :-)

  • PEtee70 ! Thank you so much , I think my brain has gone too I couldn't think what the animal was called for PMR so said rabbit instead of hamster!! Still I was understood. Will find out more, and find out what blethpharitis is. THankyou again

  • patient.info/health/blephar...

    This is a pretty good article from a reliable source.

  • Thanks PMRpro, a good article.

    Do you know of an article that mentions puffy eyelids being a side effect of steroid medication?

  • Can't find anything at present. But fluid retention is a side effect of pred - and fluid retention often makes your eyes puffy.

  • :-) thanks, it must be associated with hamster cheeks -:-(

  • I'm sure some rabbit breeds have fat cheeks. Are you having your potassium levels checked? This is especially important with some types of diuretics which make you lose extra on top of what the steroids make you lose.

  • Good point SnazzyD

    However in my part pf the UK it's so difficult to get a doctors appointment at our surgery unless it is regarded as urgent. If then you claim it's urgent you see a junior who doesn't know his head from his elbow!. Let alone having potassium levels checked etc. . Will it be different after the election? I doubt it, who ever gets in.

    Sorry for the rant I find it so frustrating.

    Pete :-(

  • Which really is the wrong way round - give the routine stuff to the less experienced...

    My paramedic daughter went into respiratory distress during an asthma attack with the baby doctor in the practice. He just stood there going um, er ... The boss dialled 999. And the driver (not a paramedic, not even a technician) knew the emergency dose of the injection they use - the doctors didn't!

  • I agree and sympathise, far too common :-(

  • water water water! I put lemon juice and parsley in mine.I too am on a diuretic so I drink 8 oz low sodium ( has most potassium) once a day..

    Also no added salt, and am careful with salty foods period.

    I notice the puffy, right away.. when I deviate from this

    Be well, Gina

  • Halo, thank you! What is the low sodium. (With "most potassium ")??? Drink? You drink? Please.

  • Whoops. Sorry V8 low sodium!

  • Galp-sorry forgot to put your name! X

  • Hi

    I had puffy eyelids definately from the Prednisolone, and stilll do a bit. I was told variously that it was fluid retention but not water, blepharitis and then fluid retention again this time probabaly water.

    I have found that while the warmth treatment does help - you can get an eye bag which you heat in the microwave and pop on your eye for five minutes or so; but I found this made my eyelids sore so I used Blepharitis foam which provided some relief at some expense. The cheapest and esiest to carry round is the 'Simple' Brand eye roller it is lovely and cooling and does help reduce the swelling as would a slice of cucumber on the eyes but less messy to carry around.

  • Tigger6717 THankyou will definitely buy one x

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