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Update after trip

Hi everyone,

You may remember from my last update that I was having temple pain and was checked out at hospital for suspected GCA which, they said it was not as I did not have ALL the symptoms and it was only a headache. I went on my trip down south to visit family and whilst away, headaches and temple pain continued so I got an emergency appointment with GP on Friday. I saw a different doctor in the practice and I think that is sometimes a good thing as they are listening with fresh ears. Bearing in mnd that my own GP only seemed only interested in reducing the Pred from 15mg to 12.5mg, I felt that the doctor I saw on Friday at surgery was actually listening to me. She asked me how I thought she should proceed and I said that I would like further investigation for the head/temple pain as if it is not GCA, is it something else? I suggested I might have a scan. Anyway, she sent me back to hospital to the eye clinic where I saw another ophthalmologist who thoroughly checked my eyes again and said they were okay. They also took more blood and the PV had gone up again. She went over my symptoms in more detail and said she thinks I do have GCA and to go up to 40mg Pred. She has also e-mailed the rheumatologists and I should get to see someone next week. I have had 2 days on the 40mg and the head pain has gone, just a little ache occasionally so I am feeling much better. Will let you know what rheumie says after appointment. Sorry for such a long post, hope I haven't rambled on too much. All your comments are invaluable. Pat

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"they said it was not as I did not have ALL the symptoms"

I despair, I really do...



Don't think any of us has the symptoms! Ditto to PMRpro's comments!

Glad you're feeling better at 40mg, and hopefully(!) getting somewhere.

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Hi Pat1948, thank goodness you persisted and got to see a decent doctor. I bet you are feeling quite shocked but it sounds like you are in good hands and they've caught it. Let us know the outcomes.


Thanks, Jane, will let you know how it goes. Pat


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