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No moaning today


I must not moan to myself today after watching telly this morning watching what and is going on in Manchester today my pain and whatever I have got going on is nothing compared to all the families worrying about love ones out there so I must think about that and not myself

What is coming to the world today

Sorry for early rant pain got better if me today be ok soon

Take care every one out there with problems and have as best a day as you can

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Absolutely, well said Rusty.

My son's just texted- lives outside Manchester, fortunately his children are away with school this week, but all attended a concert in same venue a couple of Mondays ago.

I'm so glad your grandchildren are safe DorsetLady. It brings it home to you when you hear that something has happened at the venue they had attended only a couple of weeks previously. My sister used to live in Salford and my young niece is a keen concert-goer, so it's particularly poignant for them, although of course it has affected us all, like it does every time something like this happens.

Keep safe (and vigilant) everyone.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Ladybird25

Thank you. I think it's the fact that young people were targeted that makes it more incomprehensible for most people.

Unfortunately we've been here before, and no doubt we'll be here again, but as a nation we are very resilient- and as we say -we will not let anyone destroy our way of life, nor our compassion.

Absolutely Rusty8,

Here in the US are thoughts are with all the families suffering through this horrible event. Our prayers are for our U.K. Friends.


bowler in reply to Tj2017

Thank you,

I awoke from a nightmare first thing straight into the nightmare in Manchester. Needless to say mine paled in comparison. What soft easy targets these cowards choose. My heart goes out to all those caught up in this attack.

CelticPMRGCAuk volunteer

Dreadful news, and especially sad that so many young children have been caught up in this. I do hope that all our friends on the forum and their families are safe. I always think how difficult it must be for all those in the emergency services having to deal with the aftermath of these horrific events - we're so blessed to have them.

Prayers from Texas. So sad.


Prayers from Brooklyn😥

Yes 'radar love' from OZ - especially to all of you in the UK - just wishing as always for a more peaceful world ...


Dear Friends

Please accept my heartfelt prayers and condolences to you all at this sad time.

We of peaceful and humane spirit have to support each other and believe there is more love than hate at our core , so from my corner of the USA ,I send courage and resolve against those that try to undermine thise values.


my grandaug hter was there with her boyfriends 13 yr old niece. Fortunately they left a fraction early through the other foyer - both safe ans well thank God. Puts life in perpespective. Love to everyone xxx

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