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New symptom just checking it out

Hi everyone

I went back to 12mg after the advice I got a few weeks ago and have done really well. Still in work full time and managing really well. Obviously tired by weekend etc.

I have always had stiffness in my right shoulder and neck even when I was on 15mg and assume that will continue until things resolve.

Today I have a new symptom. Which feels like pins and needles in my shoulder which is most affected. It isn't painful but feels like he sensation you get if you get a dead leg and then the circulation starts working. I was hoping this was a positive:)

As always would welcome any advice or feedback!

Thanks in anticipation

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Are your shoulder muscles painful when you touch/prod them? You could have problems there - myofascial pain syndrome is not uncommon alongside PMR and can cause those sort of symptoms. Says she from personal experience.


Hi there there isn't an increase in pain and I have been able to tolerate a massage which I have done weekly or more less since diagnosis. It's always felt like I have a rigid ball in my scapula. Tonight that doesn't feel there but it is worse as with all our symptoms first thing in the morning.


I think my current physio might have a go at that ;-)

I also have been able to tolerate massage - until she pokes in just the right place! Then she works on that ...


Thanks I am hoping to start physio soon. So will let you know how that goes:) oh joy more pain coming:)


I too have been getting some pins and needles in the same place, particularly at night, when I'm sleeping on my side and they wake me up. I'm now on 4mg of pred and everything else seems to be going in the right direction, so I'm not too worried about this as there is no real pain unless I prod. I never get them when I'm not moving or exercising. I find yoga is really helpful in general, particularly hot bikram! Like you, I am hoping that this is a symptom of getting better!


Hi. Wow, i am so missing my hot yoga, but hesitant as heat now is so draining..

You can tolerate the heat? Good for you,

Hoping to get back to my mat soon...



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