Another weird symptom

From time to time I get a fizzing sensation in my head that seems to have a pulse. It passes quickly. A bit like going under gas at the dentist in the old days but really brief. It's more scary than painful. I wonder if it is a new side effect. My blood pressure is raised and I take Atenolol.

I wondered if anyone has experienced this?

The spectre of GCA always lurks.

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  • I had something similar before I was diagnosed with PMR and I thought it was low blood pressure, as mine is usually quite low. It feels as if my heart is pounding to send more blood to my brain - if that makes sense? The pulse in my ears distorts any sounds at the time. My GP gave me a BP monitor to use at home for a week and all the readings were fine - on the lowish side / usual for me. I never got an explanation of what it might be and it still happens! I've been thinking it might be linked to the PMR, as it was one of those unexplained symptoms in the six months before diagnosis.

  • Thanks Rugger. I'm going to have "I told you I was ill" on my tomb stone. 😐

  • Jane, let's hope that won't be for some time yet!

  • Yes I understand, it feels like a mild pins and needles, very strange, just one side of my head. It doesnt last long but feels weird. GP either has no idea or not interested ..... my BP ok so I just ignore it. (I do have GCA but have no idea if it is linked at all)

    Clearly get it checked out

    Best wishes

  • Yes I also have the pulsating eye episodes. My blood pressure is very high for the first time in my life and my heart also has 'thumping' episodes. Gp checking BP again next week. I have cut out (sob) caffeine for the moment which seems to be helping.

  • I developed atrial fibrillation due to the autoimmune part of the PMR - so don't let your doctors put you off with telling you "it'll be the pred". It may not be.

  • thanks - I will mention it when I see my GP. Until then I have cut out caffeine as that seems to make things worse.

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