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pmr problems

Taking 15mg Pred since Dec 2016, diagnosed March 2017 with PMR , I'm still struggling to reduce dosage by even 1mg. Felt brilliant when first on 15mg then GP reduced to 10mg in one swoop. Bad mistake! Increased to 15mg but haven't yet achieved same level of pain management as before. Told this to consultant, who obviously not listening, but said start on 1mg reduction each month but raise dose after a few days if necessary. Had bad fall onto patio 10 days ago, only feeling better now, really shook me up, lovely bruises! Also consultant wants me to start AA. No dexa scan offered and after reading leaflet have decided to ask for one before I take AA (am taking Accrete D3 daily). Now realising what all you long term sufferers have to go through and how I must be more assertive with medics, not accept meds without full explanation. Apologies for rambling, good job we've this forum for help and advice. Good night, sleep tight. Val

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Hi Tansy. Your story is exactly like mine, I took Alendronic acid for a couple of months before reading about side effects and stopped. Asked for Dexa scan and the result was that my bones were in perfect condition. Dr still wanted me on the but we came to an agreement that its my body and I can have another scan in a year and decide again then. I also was told to drop from 15 mg to 10 and suffered the same. I now have taken control of my own reduction of prednisolone and have back stepped a couple of times.

Glad you're feeling better after your fall, keep smiling.



Thank you Chrissy. Felt better today so got bus into town, mooched around favourite shops - then got taxi home! Do try to get some exercise each day. Val

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