PMR and carpal tunnel problems

Have any of you had carpal tunnel problems on top of PMR. I've tapered to 5 mg. prednisone per day over the past 18 months, but I am now having carpal tunnel pain in both hands. Is anyone aware of a linkage?

The carpal tunnel symptoms are worst at 4-5 AM, which is also the period of IL-6 production (which I understand to be of major importance in the pain associated with PMR).

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  • I had, and still have carpal tunnel syndrome . I was told by a doctor from Stanford that it went along with the condition. I have GCA and PMR. . My rheumatologist never mentioned the connection. I had the left wrist operated on and it sent me into a flare. Caution advised. I never had it before .

  • I had carpal tunnel before I was actually diagnosed with PMR but it went away when I started on the pred thank goodness.

  • I used to suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome but it seems to have gone, not sure if that is related to taking steroids or not. I was told by my doctor that I could have surgery but always felt it was not severe enough. hope you find a solution.

  • I have had since onset of PMR. But decided against operation as felt it will go when things improve,as pred eases the pain.and don't think my body needs any more upsets.

  • I too have carpal tunnel pain that at times has been so bad i didn't know what to do with my hands. My GP recommended that i try wrist and hand supports over night only. I have to say i was very sceptical that these would help, however i did buy some that were quite inexpensive and fastened with velcro. Nothing fancy. They are amazing. The difference they have had made is incredible. I am no longer kept awake at night by the severe pains i was experiencing before. All the redness and swelling has also dissapeared. Well worth a try.

  • I had carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists and was prescribed 'water tablets' by my GP. These helped dramatically for several years but eventually I had to have surgery on my right wrist which was successful.

  • It's felt to be associated with, probably part of, PMR - and one of the treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome is pred at similar doses to that used for PMR. Which would account for it appearing now you are at a low dose.

  • Not sure what Carpal tunnel in hands is but I have had severe pains in hands and also arm muscles at times having been diagnosed with PMR about 5 months ago- on 13mg of pred but I now take 5mg at night and 8mg in morning which has made pain easier in the morning.

  • I had carpel tunnel syndrome for about six weeks. My rheumy sold me some wrist supports to wear a night and the outcome was amazing , after only a few nights things improved and continued to do so. I stopped wearing the after three weeks and it has never returned.

  • I have had surgery on both hands for carpel tunnel syndrome ( not at the same time ) was on 10 m of steroids for PMR at the time and had no problem both times was told to take painkillers for a few days after but didn't need any both hands have healed well and my hands are pain free now Alice

  • Just seen this discussion. I had minor carpal tunnel symptoms before getting my PMR diagnosis, and all symptoms went away once on pred. But oh! how it all flared up once I finished taking the meds. I had surgery, and developed chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS). I had no idea PMR and CT were connected. And now I also have the heart condition atrial fibrillation, also linked to PMR. Be warned!

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