Deadline approaching for feedback of the steroid taper web application

The deadline for providing feedback about the steroid taper web application is fast approaching.

Feedback from anyone who is willing to try the application to produce a personalised taper schedule is requested by no later than next Friday, 5rh May.

This is the link to the application

Many thanks


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  • I can't get very far with this. I have inputted the dose I am on, and the dose I wish to go to, using DSNS method, and it wont work for me Any ideas please?

  • Hi, thanks for trying. Can I just confirm the steps you took to create a schedule?

    1. Create a user account.

    2. Select 'My Schedule'.

    3. Click on 'Create/Update Schedule'.

    4. Click on 'View' next to the 'Dead Slow Nearly Stop' plan.

    5. Click on 'Select this Taper Plan'.

    6. Enter the date you will start the taper (if a schedule already exists you will be asked if you wish to overwrite it).

    7. The next screen should ask you to enter a current dose, target dose and amount to taper by.

    8. You should then see a screen showing a calendar with your daily dose shown below each day.

    Which stage isn't working for you?

    Many thanks


  • Thanks Sandra. I had done that but had written mg next to everydosage. Now I have left off the mg it works.

  • That's really useful. I will change the error message so that a user knows not to type 'mg'.

    Thank you for trying again.

    Best regards


  • Thanks for reminding us about this Sandra. However, I can't find versions 2 and 3 of the DSNS taper that I thought you were uploading (the 5 and 4-day starting points).

  • Hi, I have just uploaded these two version. Would you mind taking a look to see if they are OK?

    Many thanks


  • Hi Sandra

    The 2 extra versions of the DSNS taper look fine to me. I've printed out this month's schedule already, by copying and pasting it into a document. (I don't have a Smartphone and my computer is upstairs, so I need my dosage chart on the kitchen table.)

    I would have said I was more of a pencil and paper type, but your application could save a lot of India rubber! (Albeit use some printer ink for those like me.) I had worked out my cumulative dosage with a calculator, but your application did it in a second!

    Many thanks for your work on this tool.

  • I would have thought that you need to add the mg, not drop it.

    Tablets come in 5mg, 2.5mg and 1mg and sometimes we need a pill cutter to use a 1/2mg dose.

    5, 2.5 and 1 can be read as plain figures. We already have a problem when people say, I am taking 5 tablets a day.... 5 what mg is then the next question.

    Yes, I take telephone calls right from 'newbies' .........

  • Hi Sambucca, that's interesting. The application entry forms all say 'mg' next to any field where a dose is entered. I hadn't considered that people might think in terms of number of tablets. I will bear this in mind during the development of the next prototype. Thank you this is really useful.

    Best regards


  • I have tried to look at the app, but the link just takes me straight through to the survey (I can't complete the survey, as haven't seen the app itself). Is there a different link, or am I doing something wrong?



  • Hi, this is the direct link to the application -

    You should see a web page with a row of links at the top of the page

    Steroid Taper Application - Home - Admin - My Schedule - View Tapers - Register - Log in

    Below that is 3 columns About - Disclaimer and Feedback. The feedback section has a button that says "Complete Survey". Don't click this as this takes you straight to the feedback form. Click on 'Register' first to create an account and then 'My Schedule' where there is a link to create/update your schedule.

    Is this what you are seeing or do you see something else?

    Many thanks


  • Ah - now I see it. The text (Home etc) was not showing against the black bar, probably because I've got the brightness switched to low. But I can see the headings now, thanks!

  • That is really useful to know for when I reach the design stage. Thank you for letting me know.

  • I already did the survey, in response to ease of registration, setting up program, but not actually using the program, so this is an additional comment: I think my method of a small paper calendar and a pencil and an eraser is the only method which will work for me.... I don't know ahead of time how I'll feel at a certain stage in the taper, and am constantly adjusting the rate of taper (although firmly based on DSNS) and length of time staying on a particular dose.

    Besides, I'm smartphone free...

  • Not sure if you noticed the user defined taper plan where you can record a dose on one or more days? Not that there is anything wrong with pen and paper if that's what you prefer.

    Best regards


  • I just had a look. It probably would be very useful for someone who had a smartphone. But as so far I haven't been able to justify the cost of a data plan it wouldn't be so convenient for me. Harder to open up the laptop than the little pocket calendar!

  • Yes that's a very good point. Thank you.

  • Didn't think to mention that before Sandra - but it is a valid point that probably applies to more people than you would think. I still have an original Nokia 3310!!!! On PAYG.

  • When I first looked I made the mistake of starting the survey, then found the taper plans, which I have comleted, but could not return to the survey. Is there any way to re-do the survey?

    I can see the app being useful to me but at the moment I am splitting the dose but have no pill cutter so cannot always achieve the recommended taper. Pencil and paper still serves me best to record dose and symptoms on a daily basis, and to record all other meds and supplements. Perhaps I'm just not techno savvy enough!

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