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Steroid Taper Web Application

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Hi, thank you to everyone who is helping me develop the steroid taper web application. I have used all your feedback and the updated application is now ready to use. Anyone who has already registered can continue to view and edit their schedule and new users are very welcome to use the application.

As a reminder, this is a link to the application - steroidtaper.azurewebsites....

I am now looking for volunteers to conduct an evaluation of the application. If you are willing to help then please message me through this forum or email me at

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help using the application.

Many thanks.


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Hi Sandra

Thanks for the update.

I know that the idea of your app has received mixed feedback here, but am sure that it will be of great benefit to many. It's another / alternative tool for PMR / GCA sufferers to plan and monitor their tapering regimens - so that must be a good thing either way.

Good luck with the trial and best wishes - keep us all posted.

MB :-)

I'm still a bit moidered,( good word I know!) How do we decide which is best? They all have our best interests at heart I'm sure but how do we newbies know which one to choose?

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Rugger in reply to Hirwaen

I had seen so much talk of the Dead Slow Nearly Stop (Versions 1, 2 and 3 on the app) on this forum, that I opted for one of them. I started off with number 1 (starting at 6 days old dose, 1 day new dose) and have moved to number 3 (starts with 4 days old dose, 1 day new dose), as I felt like speeding up the taper, but it's either personal choice or how your body responds or what your doctor advises!

Whichever taper you choose, I find it so useful that the calendar is filled out for me with the dose to take each day. If I want to stay a bit longer at a certain dose, I can go back later and edit my taper.

Good luck!

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Hidden in reply to Rugger

Sorry Rugger, I missed your point. I am familiar with the slow methods of taper i.e. DSNS supplied by PMRpro and also one mentioned by DL. So my question is:- Do you make the calendar yourself or just fill in by hand on a standard calender?

Pete :-)

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Rugger in reply to Hidden

Hi Pete

Sandra's app does it all for us - we input the starting date and dose etc and hey presto, Sandra has done all the hard work and her app puts in all the values onto a monthly 'calendar' for us. It saves all the pencil and paper work we've been doing up to now! Have a play at it - you can edit what you've put in and even have a look at other taper plans to your heart's content!

You could email Sandra at her address in the message above if you have any questions. I'm just a relatively computer-illiterate user!

Good Luck.

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Hidden in reply to Rugger

Ok thanks, I opened the link before I messaged you. Obviously I did not look far enough :-(

Pete :-)

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Hirwaen

However you want to keep track of your dosage (on a piece of paper or using the app) - the slower the better is my maxim. Which is why I worked out the DSNS taper originally. The BSR suggestions are all very well theoretically - but were worked out by doctors who have never had PMR/GCA themselves and never taken pred either.

Basically though you could try any of them at first - and if it works, great. If it doesn't look for a slower one with smaller step-downs.


I finally managed to find the DSNS taper plan I was looking for, after looking in the "all conditions" rather than the PMR taper plans list, and I can view the plan but cannot accept it on my IPad. Am I doing something wrong?


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Sandra_123 in reply to Zebedee44

Hi Chrissie, Have you created an account? You will be directed to the log-in page when you click the "Create Schedule" button. If you haven't created an account then you can only view the tapers.

Does this help?


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Zebedee44 in reply to Sandra_123

Thank you Sandra, today my foggy brain has managed to update à four day DSNS schedule to taper from 10mg to 9mg in 0.5mg steps so I now know exactly what I am doing each day. I can see this being very useful to me. Chrissie

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