Ever Experienced a Buying Fog?

Isn't it strange how PMR affects the purse/wallet? Looking for something in the cupboard I came across 2 big boxes filled with every conceivable diet book you could imagine: in fact, enough to start a small library. It was a vain attempt to bring my weight under control when I first started PMR. Most of the books involved standing for a long time cooking and preparing in the kitchen. My legs rebel against standing for a long time, or, for that matter, taking long walks. Then I came across two pairs of expensive walking shoes (which I've never worn), Maybe I hoped the shoes would do the walking. This morning I opened a kitchen cupboard, and a very big pile of new dusters fell out. Draw your own conclusions!

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  • Yep,

    In the depths of Pred head, it's surprising how attractive things can be - although you must have been bad for the dusters to appeal!

    Books and shoes - maybe, but....... Sure they'll come in very useful! Sure Kirsty Whatshername could make something very fetching with them.

  • I must admit I have found it has been quite costly having PMR or being ill even with other things. The cost of osteopath, physiotherapist, petrol for a start. Not to mention having to go privately for xray, steroid injection, ultra sound as the GP is not happy to refer due to cost.

  • I agree with DL - what were you thinking about buying DUSTERS??? I had very expensive walking shoes - the only thing that made walking possible on the pebbles PMR created. Diet books? No, cookery books, yes. But that was a hobby, collected them for years.

    Someone on another forum told us all about her diet that meant she didn't need pred. Just the description of the shopping, preparation and performance to make her smoothies and stuff (never mind the things she ate - really not a kale fan personally) made me come over all faint and need to lie down! And actually - she did admit it didn't help the pain. So I really couldn't see the point...

  • Perzactly! Have a glass of wine.....certainly much tastier than a smoothie aka non-descriptive strange coloured sludge.

    Can manage a fruity one...but not veggie!

    Never going to go to PC heaven.. but heigh ho!

  • I'll drink to that... :-)

  • Thought you might 🥂

  • I thought you'd think that DL :-)

  • I thought you thought I might think that. Great minds ...and all that! Or maybe not!

  • DL: Don't 'I thought you'd think I'd thought you thought...' etc. Great Minds.. ;-) :-)

  • Mine's a pint..red will do! ... :-)

  • I started buying expensive and extravagantly illustrated 'Auto Immune Magic Recovery Diet' (or similarly titled) cookery books. The pictures looked so appetising that I just started to tear-out the pages and eat them raw - easier than trawling through the instructions and all the cooking! ;-)

  • Hope the doctor gave you Gaviscon/Zantac/Omeprazole - you wouldn't have needed a lot of fibre there ...

  • Ok, confession time. I didn't eat the (book) pages raw: I just chopped them up coarsely and marinated them in garlic, herbs and lemon juice before oven-cooking.

    And for the trimmings..? A lightly peppered couple of pages from the Oxford English Dictionary - and a glass of Bordeaux of course! :-)

  • Oh that's where you get your stories from! :-) :-)

  • Ha, Pete, yes - and also The Beano... ;-)

  • Now THAT sounds like my type of cookery book..........

  • :-D!

  • I find that I'm cooking more, but for me it is a meditative activity, a bit therapeutic. I make chicken soup every week now. It is a pretty big production. I purée the veggies and freeze them for a later date. I debone the chicken. The dark meat goes into the defatted broth with loads of bok choy and spinach. The white meat becomes a cold chicken salad with celery and chopped almonds. I need some new ideas to substitute for the chicken salad. Any suggestions? The puréed veggies go into a different soup, when the inspiration moves me.

    These are things I didn't make much before PMR.

    I really am enjoying this new way of eating. Have discovered all kinds of veggie recipes. I guess it's not so low in carbs, but it is very low in wheat, grains, and sugars and it seems to work for me.

    As for buying things....yes that too. I find myself not watching the pennies quite the way I used to. Not worth the energy to go out of my way right now.

  • Veggies in general are far lower in carb than fruit - it's really only potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips that are high in carb. Carrots are sort of moderate. I've just found this list - I was looking for the one I usually link to, nice picture you can SEE so easily what is good and what's not! But this is comprehensive!


  • 🤣😀

    Sounds like you are taking seriously the advice to get plenty of rest!

  • Well now I know why I bought that insulated picnic backpack:)

  • Once again, thanks for making me laugh. Love the support this forum gives in the way of practical advice and humour. Gotta rush, need to get back on amazon must be something I need.............

  • Well , this is a funny discussion- though on the serious side when I was on 60 mg of prednisone and I took a xanax at 2am, I had a friend who needed me to drive with her to eye doctor at 6am. After appointment we decided to hit a casino- I NEVER game over a couple 100$. WELL I seriously hit such a fugue state I lost 4 figures!! I chastised myself, a year later am still paying my debt. But those two meds together are dangerous to the mind! When I told my doc she said she'd actually heard that happen. I searched internet and low and behold it had happened to others 🙄😳. So having something to show for spending is ok :) psst... I do seem to be buying in bulk more these days, but hey it's on sale. And honestly, shoes and books are wonderful gifts yto self, and If you hand the duster to someone else to use that a win too!!

  • I've taken ages to reply. Very sorry, But with my husband in and out of hospital I haven't known if my head is on back to front!

    I have often thought of your predicament and I hope that everything is going better for you. What a nightmare scenario for you. I continue to have you in my thoughts.

  • Hi 43

    What you need now are a dozen wooden spoons. Draw different faces on each one and make dresses out of the dusters! WHALLAH!!! And there you have your Christmas pressy dollies. Bound to be instructions on Pinterest somewhere. When you give these out remind them you are still on Pred and if you don't have a wonderful Christmas with everyone's attention and pandering - well it will be sock puppets next year!

  • Funny you should mention gambling klairv0yant..

    When 'high' on the preds at first, I did some very impulsive things - including starting to gamble.

    Betting on horse races was my fascination. First, I placed a £500 each-way bet on the favourite at Aintree. Trouble was, it got to the finish line but then didn't come back..

    Undeterred, I then backed another favourite for a similar amount in a five-horse race. Trouble was, it came in 6th...

    I stick to doing the National Lottery nowadays... :-/

    MB :-)

  • That's funny :-)

    I also had problems when on 15mg of pred. After the PMR symptoms subsided I felt like superman and the euphoria was incredible. I could walk again and climb out of the bath unadded etc. it was just fantastic :-) So enthused with life again I ordered a brand new Porsche. I had no idea that I could not afford it and I haven't got hat kind of money, it was a crazy thing to do. 3 months later I became terribly depressed on the medication :-( and it brought me down to ground. Obviously I cancelled the Porsche :-( :-) (True story) :-)

  • Ha Pete, don't know whether to laugh or cry! Maybe the SLK is a safer bet...?

    I know what you mean about the pred euphoria - quite common apparently, but 'for every high....' etc? I think the experience of un-treated (or even treated) PMR is enough to make anyone feel depressed. The meds have a lot to answer for too, but it seems to be a trade-off..

    Reminds me of the old joke about money (and what it can buy) not necessarily making you happy. It goes: 'Money isn't everything, but it's more comfortable crying in the back of a Mercedes than on a park bench'. (I've yet to try that one.... ;-/ )

    Happy bank holiday all - keep smiling!

    MB :-)

  • And you Mark :-) happy days ! I'm still smiling :-)

    PJCS :-)

  • Good job Pete - and all here :-)

  • Still smiling each day !

  • :-) :-)

  • Funny you should mention buying a Porsche. In my neighborhood in Silicon Valley it would be a Tesla I'd order. Now my old Camry is from 2005, with 120k miles on it. So would it be the Pred thinking giving me excuses to buy a new car or is it just the reasonable thing to do. I keep thinking I should wait for a self driving car and go for broke.......Now THAT sounds like Pred.

  • Hi Hindags, yes I think it is the pred, but then it's a good excuse to buy a new car. Only the one I ordered I couldn't afford. :-) .

    Happy days :-)

  • Ohh... Hindags!

    I'm fortunate to own a beautiful Mercedes S-Class (not a new one). I've also owned a 15 year-old Toyota Avensis, now with 160k miles on it for the past 3 years and no reliability problems despite being worth next to nothing. I joke with my friends that the Toyo is still my 'best' car - despite owning a very classy Mercedes which they all admire.

    Ohh, the stuff of Head and Heart!

    MB :-)

  • Hindags, I'd suggest that you stick to you 'old' Camry. 120k miles is no great deal for well-maintained Jap car (or many others for that matter), and much cheaper in terms of 'total ownership costs' than new automotive technology at an investment of $50/60k for a newer equivalent?

    Sometimes, 'new' technology isn't better sense financially - but that's only my opinion.

    Yes, the effects of the preds can make us question our judgement - but isn't that true of many things in life?! ;-)

    MB :-)

  • I most probably will stick with the Camry for another few years at least. I enjoy shopping, just don't enjoy spending lots of money. :) When I need a shopping fix I often go to one of the better thrifts we have around here. In my pre PMR days I could shop till I dropped without spending much at all. At 75, if some of the styles are a bit out of date (I prefer to think classical), it probably just looks like something I've had in the closet for a while.

  • Thank goodness you could cancel the Porsche, my cash advance on the credit card wasn't a cancel situation. Crazy cost of this medicine which helps in so many other ways.

  • :-)

  • I was terrified with that loss of control, as if we don't lose enough with this pal of a disease. I didn't feel better mentally until I found the correlation through someone else via the internet having exhibited the same behaviors. sorry neither of our horses came in 😢

  • It a crazy ride for direct

  • Me Too! But then I LOVE Shopping anyway! When I had a flare l was put on 30/20/15mg x one week at each dose then back to reducing by 1mg.

    I could not sleep at 30mg so l was up before dawn (in the Summer!) I rearranged the kitchen, the laundry room & part of the garage & ordered loads of baskets, shelf dividers it was/is still very tidy & highly organised!

    However, when I was having Chemo they give you additional Steroids in the form of Dexamethasone on each cycle; oh boy did I do online shopping during the wee small hours of the morning, dresses, shoes & bags mainly, I've recently come across the most amazing pair of sandals that I have no recollection of buying!

    🛍👗👠👡👛👗 🛍

    Still, it kept the Post Man & the Delivery Services busy! 😂

    Mrs N 🛍

  • Lovely..! :-)

  • :-) :-)

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