Extreme dizzy, why?

Hi community,

Did anyone of you ever experience extreme dizziness after getting up? And a feeling of almost falling to one side?

It's like this for a while now and it worries me. What could it be?

I'm still on 60 mg Prednisone every day and have another blood test on Monday to see how the CRP count is. Last month it came down to 19. GCA is the diagnose so far.

Thanks again for your help. I'm reading here on a daily base and it gives me strength. Wish you all a good day, Monika

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  • Hi Monika,

    How's your blood pressure? Although in some people Pred can cause it to rise, I found the opposite, and found it kept it on the low side.

    Have you had any problems with your ears or sinuses recently, both of those can cause a slight imbalance in your Eustachian tubes which can cause dizziness.

    If you are getting a blood test on Monday ask the nurse/health assistance to check BP for you.

    Hope it soon resolves, I had a bout of Labyrinthitis years ago, and know how horrible it can be.

  • By "after getting up" do you mean getting out of bed in the morning or do you mean after changing position from seated to standing?

    If it is the latter - ask your GP to check blood pressure and pulse seated and then after standing up.

  • My brother had exactly the same problem recently. It was BENIGN PAROXYSMAL POSITIONAL VERTIGO. The crystals in your ear get messed up. I had actually seen the problem on a TV programme and told my brother about it as his GP said he would have to live with it. He found that was exactly what his problem was. He had the Epley manoevre when they twist your head about a bit which takes minutes and he has never looked back. He paid privately, but GPs can also do it, well some GPs can do it!

    I hope you get it sorted out

  • I hope he changed his GP!!!!

  • His GP is actually a personal friend, they are members of their local allotment together. Perhaps he is better at growing vegetables than medecine.

  • It's better now. Was resting all morning. My blood pressure is "normal" for me, what means mildly high.

    I'm dizzy after I got out of bed and after getting up from my resting position. After bed it was worse, I had to sit on the stair and wait it out.

    I had some temple pain at night and my jaw feels kind of stiff. I guess GCA is very alive. I have this pulling sensation in my temple almost every day and my vision is sometimes blurred for hours and it really is bothering me. I'm very interested in the new blood count number. And maybe the dizzyness comes from lack if sleep. There is so much not the way it should be, but I'm doing ok. Thank you all again.

  • Do check the misplaced crystals in your ear. If it is that it is very simple to cure.

  • Thank you piglette. I know vertigo from before and it makes me very, very sick, but in a different way.

  • This is not vertigo as such, it is just the name. Do check it out on Google.

  • Yes, I had exactly that. I started going for massages and they solved it by working on my head and neck muscles.

  • My brother went to a cranial physiotherapist who sorted his dizziness out. He said it was the best thirty five pounds he had ever spent.

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