Best Cart for shopping

Best Cart for shopping

I was sharing with someone what a God send this cart is. It pulls behind full of groceries n no more sore arms carrying bags.. I even pull it up my stairs and now I have 2 one fir laundry downstairs. Figured I would pass on something that helps me and lets me not dread shopping. it holds 3 bags inside n I have hung additional lighter weight ones on the handle. It is so much easier than the metal frame ones... thought it useful info. I even use it for an occasional picnic. I love ❤️ picnics....

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  • Lin, I have two that are similar. I don't really need them for grocery shopping but have found other uses. I can't carry anything heavier than my pocketbook and that's on good days. I drive to where I'm going and only shop in stores that have buggies. Life has become all about getting around the hurdles.

    Nice of you to share...they are a great find. Not sure, mine may have come from QVC. They're called Trolley Dolly.

    Have a Good night, CJ

  • I also use it for boxes. I slide the bag up and put my box on it then fill the rest of bag. It is so versatile.

  • Great thing to have mine has 3 wheels on each side so going up steps and crossing roads no pulling .

  • Yes, they are very handy, but getting lazier by the hour I get my shopping delivered and on a good day I use my mobility scooter which holds all of the shopping I need. But I wouldn't part with my shopping trolley just in case 😊

  • I agree, they are a great help. The only problem is resisting the temptation to overfill; which makes the hauling upstairs a bit hard on the back!

  • I love it! I showed it to my hubby and he shrugged and said he can carry more than what this holds. But I laughed and said he's never around when I'm bringing groceries in! If he was I wouldn't need anything! I'm going to order one anyway. Nice!

  • you go for it girl.. I can't tell you how many times i was going to pick up a few things only to overshop.. and wouldn't you know it the cart is at home..

    Now it lives in my car.. I empty it and leave it by front door.. kitty litter alone is 20 lbs and it always goes on bottom..

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