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I am supporting my wife in the long PMRGCA journey

I am here to support my wife in the long journey she has been on since being diagnosed with GCA in March 2010. Yes her condition has changed our lives particularly our holidays. But it's not all negative. No long history here, just to say the most recent flair up of PMR occurred after a total hip replacement. Now about 18 months later, she is still trying to get the Pred. dose down. The support and local help line attached to the the NHS rheumatology clinic have been so supportive.

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Hi Richard. How lovely that your here for your wife. I so far only have Pmr. But you're right. It's a bit of a game changer isn't it . I was diagnosed the week I retired Sept 16. Put all my holiday and other plans on hold for a while. But I still believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I too have a very supportive husband. All I can say is thank goodness for all the husbands who see our pain when others don't. You really need to know how special you are. Good luck on your journey ☺👏👏


Chrissy. Just get on with your holidays. Do not wait, just do them in a different way. I am sure that stress is one of the unlining causes, so chill out and get away and relax. Richard


Hi Richard,

Your wife is lucky to have a supportive husband. Unfortunately GCA/PMR, like many illnesses, hits all the family, but as we often learn on here some are not so fortunate in the support they get from friends and family.

Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your holidays again. As I said in another post today, if your wife needs assistance at airports, on trains, and cruises, it's easy to get nowadays. You just have to ask, no extra cost. I always offer a tip, sometimes it's taken, very often it's declined!

Good luck to you both.


So good that you are understanding and are here to support your wife . At least you give her a stress free environment at home ,which is a medicine in its self .

It is best to reduce the pred as slow as possible and do it to suit her .

After 2 and half years I have recently been , at long last , able to see a rhumertologist and that is her words , even though she believes I haven't got PMR .

There is no rush even though the side effects are not nesesaraly good she doesn't want flare ups .

Your support is amazing . Just be there . For her .

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Since 2010 is a long time so all credit to you for helping to support and encourage your wife. Also good that you appear to have good support from Rheumy clinic. All positives! During an illness of GCA/PMA so helpful when you have folk who believe what you're experiencing, encourage you, and help to give you hope for the future. Unfortunately not all sufferers receive that so I'm sure she is very thankful that you are 100% behind her. All the very best for future reductions- pass on our best wishes to her.

Jackie xx


I had a knee replacement a month after I was diagnosed with PMR. Then three years later it became GCA. Got down to 10 but right now back up to 20. I am very lucky to have a man who is patient and so is your wife. I think I will tell him that right now. We could not have gotten through this without you gentlemen

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