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Me falls a stone from my heart


Good morning my pmr/ gca friends, I promised to inform you about the dexascan. Had one yesterday, and the person who ' took' the scan was not allowed to tell me the results, but promised to sent them first thing in the morning, after the radiologist had a look at them. And yes, my bmd is normal🍀, meaning no AA, what a relief. And thanks to you all, with friendly and accurate advice, I can stick to Pred, vitamamines and minerale and exercise. So Good this forum excists.!

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Happy for you !!!!


No, they aren't meant to tell you until a radiologist has reported them - but I was shown mine before leaving. The second time I had told the technologist that my husband (who was with me) used to run the department with the dexascanner in his last hospital post so they were standing there discussing it all! The first time it was done in his department - so obviously we got the results at the same time!

I've just had the bisphosphonates talk from a new rheumatologist - who I'm seeing in the hope of getting some massage therapy on the health service but she's taking far too great an interest in the PMR! She was slightly horrified at my refusal to consider AA and is very worried about my diet - "Here is how to eat 1200mg of calcium daily and then you won't need supplements..." Five years ago I was being told in the same hospital to cut all dairy products - now she wants me to eat loads of cheese!!! You couldn't make it up really could you? The rest of the conversation was quite amusing too...

What are your t-scores?

piglette in reply to PMRpro

Every time my GP writes a letter to the rheumie he says I refused bisphosphanates. The rheumie has not even mentioned it. Probably because she has not read the letter!

Zofitmogelijk in reply to PMRpro

The technologist was very friendly though, normally iT takes more then a week to hear the results! And he did not actually tell me Numbers but said ' if you are walking and eating enough diary you shouls be oké.' So it is convenient to be on the same level, as you and your husband are, but I had nothing to complain about eighter. Good we can think for ourselves, what would the advice from the New rheumatologist be in 5 years ( laying in the bed, watching Netflix a lot? 🤣. My visit to gp HIMSELF will be mid April, and hè will print out the scores I assume. Hope the sun shines there for you too, in Northern Italy.

Excellent news! Now, just remember to take your Vitamin K2 along with the other recommended supplements and good diet plus exercise and you should be on the road to maintaining your good results!

I know what you mean about the stone falling. The day I got news I "only" had osteopenia, not osteoporosis, I gradually felt lighter and lighter all that day. I'd been weighed down by a mistaken diagnosis for a couple of months. It's a wonderful feeling isn't it! Fly high!

Yes dear Heron, I Will do all the sensible things. Long time for you - a few month, to be misdiagnosed!

Good for you and thank you - had to google "me falls a stone from my heart" -never had heard of Willy Astor before but it's all very cute!

Best wishes Irene X

Akino in reply to Maisie1958


it's a very common idiom in German language. One uses it when very happy about somthing that didn't happen. In German it's: Mir faellt ein Stein vom Herzen. Never heard of Willy Astor either.

Zofitmogelijk in reply to Akino

Yes Akino

that' what I tried to express. Sounds like music in Germany

Maisie1958 in reply to Akino

Look on YouTube for Willy Astor singing "Me falls a stone from my heart" 😀

I'm using that saying now, my friends from Belgium are impressed!

Hope all going well with you at the moment. All the best, Irene X

Hi Maisie, tried to find your Posts unsuccesfully😢All the best for you too, Aletta

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Zofitmogelijk

Click on Maisie1958 (in blue on the post). That will take you to her profile. She hasn't written any Posts but has written replies so click on Replies and it will list them all for you.

Zofitmogelijk in reply to PMRpro

Hi Pmrpro for your help. Are you always "on duty" 😜Have you been in Santiago already?

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Zofitmogelijk

I do go to bed :-) but during the day I have my email open and deal with new posts as they appear. I read the newpapers online, and do a lot of other things with my computer so it is easy to see.

And no, not yet...

Zofitmogelijk in reply to PMRpro

I even do watch tv like springwatch now, and have the I pad in my left hand next generations will be born with a built in Device.

I had my dexascan on Thursday and the technologist told me it had to be reported on and that would take three weeks. As I see it that's three weeks more before I have to worry about taking AA so that suits me fine.

I couldn't quite find the courage to ask her and maybe part of me didn't want to hear the results yet.

We were on the same day in the scan. I I do understanding the part of not being sure to face the results. Stay optimistic if you can!

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