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developed pain in groin and hip

shoulder better after 5months pred, still have some tweeks now and again, still feel like truck hit me many days, up between 5-6 daily,on 17.5 mg pred, have to lay down in afternoon for half hr, and about 3 weeks ago, developed groin pain , on movement, and hip pain, feels like catching when moving or walking, decided to go to phsyio, exercise seemed to help first couple times, but yesterday, she worked on muscle in hip area, applied very strong deep pressure, very painful, i walked into appt not bad, pain on and off on movement, after appt, could hardly walk, woke through night, hip groin worse,,and this morning, can physio like that do more damage than good, also was thinking of trying acupunture next to relieve tight muscle she says is in hip, but nervous if that will have ill effects on hip, travelling 2 days after that, would hip groin pain develop because prednisone has weakened muscles in that area after almost 6 mos of pred

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PMR affected muscles really don't like deep massage as you have found out. Physio - if she knows anything at all about PMR - should certainly have known that. Gentle massage only is required.

I had acupuncture on my shoulders and back, right at the beginning of my PMR life. It worked for me, whether it will work for anyone else is not known. As with everything, you won't know if you don't try.

I don't think that your muscles will have weakened much in 6 months, but if they have, it could be remedied with exercise/s.


Have you had an xray on your hip? It could be osteoarthritis. An orthopaedic surgeon told me pred can affect this, although he may have been wrong of course!

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If you haven't had your hip Xrayed please insist that it is done as soon as possible. I suffered for months after my initial Xray showed nothing before I finally insisted on another at a different hospital.... I was in hospital having a total hip replacement within 6 weeks!


I was watching a medical programme on German TV the other week where they said very clearly - with visual aids - that the x-ray is only a guide. You can have patients with x-rays that are horrendous but no pain and patients with excruciating pain who have almost perfect hip x-rays. Like PMR - the symptoms should win!


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