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new hip and groin pain after months of prednisone


well just a week or so ago, i developed some groin pain, and hip pain out of the blue, been on pred since oct, gp diagnosed pmr, although rheumy wouldn,t confirm diagnosis, still treated for pmr,had not baseline bloodwork prior to starting drug at 40 mg, now down to 17.5, still some morning stiffness in shoulders, mostly right, and of course it, right side where now having groin pain, when i move stand up walk sit, lie down, on and off, had exray done, shows some arthritis in right hip at back, still looking foranswers, referred me to shoulder specialist i see mar 8, and waiting for back specialist appt, some are booked for 12 months from now, so i don,t believe i did anything physical for this groin and hip to start up, any thoughts,

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Perhaps it is bursitis? Often found alongside PMR. Pred can weaken ligaments, too.

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Ditto ?? what does that mean , sorry

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the same thing again (used in lists and accounts and often indicated by a ditto mark under the word or figure to be repeated).


used to indicate that something already said is applicable a second time.

"if one folds his arms, so does the other; if one crosses his legs, ditto""

Google is a very useful dictionary...

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I understand what the word means, i wondered how it was an answer to my question, not very helpful, sorry,and i am very familiar with google, thank you

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I did answer your question: "used to indicate that something already said is applicable a second time"

It is a phrase that has been used quite often on the forum...

Hi Arvine

I had a similar problem a couple of months after starting pred. The X ray showed arthritis in my hip and I was referred to a physio. (The delays here in the NHS are such that I referred myself privately before the NHS appointment). The physios have helped a great deal - immediate improvement - and a year down the line I am in less pain than at the start though my mobility is poor. What the physios have found is that the source of much of the pain is a problem with muscles in my back rather than the arthritis and this is what they work on now. I go every 3 - 4 weeks as otherwise the pain gets worse again. Without them I would have had to move house as I once reached the point of being barely able to walk or get up stairs.

I cant comment on bursitis as I dont know what it is exactly but I would certainly recommend finding a good physio to see what they can do to help.

best of luck in finding help


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And so few doctors in the UK believe the muscle thing! I saw a rheumy the other day here in Italy where I live. You have to see one to get a physio appointment on the health service here - but she sat me on the couch and started doing manual myofascial release during that appointment. Another go next week and the week after. Hurts like mad at the time but it does work!

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