Thinning hair hack

Thinning hair hack

For those of you who have experienced thinning hair from steroids or PMR (Not sure which one caused thinning for me) my hairdresser turned me on to this great product which is especially good for those of us with dark hair. I color in the white part of my scalp. It works great, especially with my new "PMR" short haircut! It's available on Amazon

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  • Sorry Marie. I can't see what this product is. I am someone whose hair has changed massively since pred...kinky rather than wavy...really hard to manage....I know in greater scheme of things not much to worry about....but hey!!

  • QVC uk stock this - haven't tried it myself but had good reviews. Sorry I don't have shares in the company but am just a QVC junkie! Am watching it now (on a Saturday night!) and thinking I do need their Dyson TSV and an extra Karcher window vac...

  • Same here Maisie LOL

  • I'm sure I saw this in boots and Superdrug's , thought it would cover the scalp where hair has thinned but didn't do a coulée to suit my natural white ,as I can no longer use hair dye . The good thing about QVC you can send it back it's not for you .

  • I was thinking exactly the same!

    But luckily my hair is so thick it's sometimes a problem!!!!!

  • I wish!!! 😊

  • You have all given me a laugh this morning. Thank you! It may not have been your intention but thanks and bless you all. When my hair started to misbehave, I got a perm. It all does the same thing now and with a good conditioner and serum I seem to be in control rather than my hair controlling me. So few things in life you can take full control of, esp, with PMR. Have a great week peops.


  • I believe it was/is the AAcid that causes the hair to thin. Pred seems to be the culprit for the curl/frizz.

  • Glad you had a laugh because laughter is the medicine we need to get us thru this challenging time! Had a horrible reaction to AA only took once. I noticed my hair starting to thin early on so maybe from the untreated inflammation ? Have my monthly Rheumatologist appt today so will ask.

  • I stopped taking AA because my stomach was complaining. My hair has new growth and doesn't seem to be falling out as much. Having a dexa scan next week and if I find I need AA, well, I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

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