Picture This!!!

Remember I was moving.....

Pouring rain packing it all into elevator going down 14 stories... out to the wating Van.. Daughter got stuck working so was late for phase one ☝️.

So yes I wasn't going to touch anything but one person can not do it alone .... soooo I loaded the carts and pushed them to elevators ..

Luck has changed daughter arrives in time to hit the stairs at my new home place...

This is where it gets really interesting.... Raining hard harder than any time in the day.... In fact it hadn't rained ☔️ all day......

So now I am upstairs not doing the stairs so my wonderful children 👶 are going as fast as they can and this is the picture this part .... the gutters were full and clogged and of course you might have read ahead but a waterfall was cascading right over the top of the stairs... so slow down kids cuz everything is going to get wet..

I took each bag or box 📦,.. bags worked the best as by morning the cardboard boxes had pretty much collapsed.

The short version haha 😂..

I have to say for not using my muscles for almost a year I am not in too much painbut then I am at 16 mgs prednisone... I can feel every muscle in my arms mostly and shoulders are popping and hurt but no where near what I thought.. It has been 4 days and everything is now dry... I am wondering if I have been babying myself too much or all my happy endorphins helping as my last apt I was stuck in 1 yr lease in a hell hole being nice when I say that...

PS ... I love ❤️ my new place.. Once we get the cigarette smell gone I will be in heaven. my view from bed in the morning is Trees and Sonoma Mountains..

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  • Lin-calif well done surviving all that and so glad you like your new place. The happy endorphins must have cancelled out the negative ones and all the extra exercise. Be sure to rest well for the next few days. Not too much unpacking and re-arranging which will be so tempting. Delighted for you.

  • I can practically feel the smile on your face, the view sounds wonderful.

    I hope you will be very happy there, I am sure you are going to be tempted to do more and that you will want to get to know your new neighbours but take it slowly and that way the smile will be permanent.

    Enormous good wishes.

  • Wow! What a time you've had. They say nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I hope your new home embraces you with love and security and you continue to get away with your strenuous activity. Time to sit quietly for a few days and gaze at your mountains. 🌹

  • I wish you every happiness in your new home. It's lovely to hear that you are safely in and the view sounds wonderful.

  • Just join everyone in wishing you joy, happiness and security in your new home. Also join everyone in saying, now rest up for a few days and enjoy the view! Xx

  • Sounds a beautiful home to concentrate on getting well xx

  • Hi Lin

    Sorry to hear it rained on moving day but glad you are now in your new place. Try a Yankee Candle to help with the smell of cigarettes!

    I'm sure your view is spectacular! Take it easy for the next few days after all you had to do, it might well catch up you! You're in now & that's the main thing.

    Best Wishes & Much Happiness in your New Home 🏡

    Mrs N x

  • At least it sounds as though all has turned out really well in the end. You sound so happy and contented - a sure recipe for the best of health to follow. Enjoy every minute in your new home.

  • Hi Lin,

    Glad to hear you are happy in your new home. Take it easy for a while. We moved back to UK from Spain in June 2015, the house we were buying in UK was taken off the market the day we flew back from Spain, so we had to stay with my sister for 3 months while we looked for somewhere else. PMR hit me in August so I had to house hunt while in pain, decided a house with stairs was out so bought a small bungalow with a large garden and a great view over surrounding countryside in Wiltshire, finally got a diagnosis in September. Think the large garden will be taxing for us, I am 70 next week, hubby is 75 this year. Need to get a gardener!! We are planning some improvements this year, need to get the children involved, they live in Scotland. Working holiday for them!

    Hope life continues to improve for you. xx

  • So glad you skipped the stairs. I have always owned my own homes and the 2 story ones felt like I had two homes to clean. But I have to tell you this Senior community living is really nice. Lots of friendly people here... Went to Bingo last night and pot luck dinner it was amazing.

    Today I went to office to ask if there was someone I could hire to do some things like reclean kitchen cupboards and they said they would do it. Anything breaks they take care of it.

    Hope you find a good gardener... We have a small community garden here as I miss my gardens more than any home I have had.

    Good luck!

  • Crikey...what a day!! :) Glad you don't seem to be suffering too much..as you say..maybe happy excitement is good for you. Enjoy your new home...the view sounds glorious so maybe rest a while and enjoy it now. :)


  • I moved on a day like that once - my birthday too! The removal van was reversed into the driveway and it was only about 6 ft to the front door - still didn't dare move anything!

    Know what you mean about the ciggy smoke - bleugh!

    And can we have a piccy of the view sometime? I have mountains too - but not in the distance, right up close...

  • So pleased you like your new place so much, I am sure you will be really happy there. Take care and try and relax a little now!

  • What a day you had!! Glad you feel happy in your new place,relax now and enjoy that view!

  • Thank you all for your well wishes!!

    Ok a bit more sore today but I am not doing anything but rest and enjoy. Did you know you can hide a bunch of stuff under tables once you put on a tablecloth?

    So all the unpacked stuff is hiding in cupboards or under tables or in closet. Might end up all going to charity as everything I need is already unpacked...

    Going minimalist this time... So much easier....

    Again thanks for all the well wishes. Time for nap I am exhausted.


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