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Hot knees!!!!

Does anyone get hot knees?? Especially at night? They wake me up and drive me mad! They're not sore, just hot! I usually end up slathering them in cool arnica gel then back to bed! Oh and hot feet too......but that's nothing new.

Have upped my pred to 12mg again and feel better for it. Still not taking AA and have started with K2. Also taking Vit B complex. Going away for a week next week so hoping things hold.😊

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Ha, I wish! I even needed a hot water bottle last summer so my lower legs didn't ache from cold! ❄🔥

Enjoy your trip!

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Oh nooo....think I prefer hot to cold!!! And thank you. ☺

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The soles of my feet get very hot in bed sometimes at night, I have to stick them out of the bed covers. I hardly ever drink alcohol so it's not that!! Just reduced to 9mg of Pred staying there for a month before trying 8.5.


Oh yes, hot knees! But I have osteoarthritis in both, verified by x-ray), so I thought that was the cause. Now I wonder because the dreadful pain and cracking which occurs now, was not there before PMR raised it's head. And RA come to that! But is it RA? Is it PMR?

So the battle continues, and as I write, my knees are burning'


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