cutting carbs while on prednisone, except for steel cut oats

well i have read on different forums a lot about diet, cutting carbs, salt, sugar etc, but also read how steel cut oats good for you as i stopped taking my cholestrol pill, crestor early oct, thinking it triggered pmr, it, high in fibre, protein etc, so i do have each morning for breakfast then take my pred dose now at 17.5, i am not losing weight however, but eating all the foods suggested as anti inflammatory foods, and my bp has stayed lower than before i was on pred(controlled however with diovan), i put that down to cutting salt, and drinking lots of water, anyone out there eat their steel cut oats for breakfast,

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  • I'd hate anyone to come between me and my breakfast porridge - they'd be very damaged.

    Seriously, I have also known that oats are good things to eat for some time, but only recently it was decided they helped high cholesterol too. I've been doing something right and not known it! I have no cholesterol problems, unlike my husband who won't even look at my porridge.

  • best thing is google that question, i,m not sure, think there are still high in carbs but the benefit of eating steel cut oats out weighs that i believe, they are high in fibre as well, very good for you, and keep you satifisfied for a long time,

  • One lady-on-the-forum's sister had a stroke and the stoke unit at her local hospital told her as a first approach to eat a bowl of porridge and an orange every day to get her cholesterol down. It worked and she has never needed statins.

    I love porridge but in the absence of decent oats here in Italy - none for breakfast, just my 3 mugs of tea. And anyway, I only can eat porridge if I have salt on them so that might not be a good idea...

  • What is the difference between "steel cut oats" and other oats please. Are they classed as a carb?

  • It's the manufacturing process -

    and the texture they come out with. (Sorry about the irritating music it comes with from a video at the side...)

    And oats are accepted as OK for most low carb diets - provided you use real oats and not the pre-prepared porridge packs like ReadyBrek or Oatsosimple which are heavily sweetened and have a sensible portion size like 30g (rahter than the 45g the packet probably suggests!). Oats themselves have a low sugar content - it's the sweeteners that lead to blood sugar spikes.

  • yes all true, and i like the steel cut oats so much better than standard oatmeal, it is cru) nutty kind of flavour, don,t need anything on , but i put some cinnamon, and just a drizzle of honey,( the good sugar i have heard), and it is very delicious and satisfying stays with you quite awhile, with all the benefits,

  • Hi 4 years ago my cholesterol was at 6.9 I was offered Statins, I asked if I could look at my diet first. Dr. agreed and gave me 4 months, as I had managed to reduce to 6.5 he advised "What ever your doing keep going" Annual testing saw me reduce over 3 years to 4.6. The only consistent element was "Oat Bran" not sure if this is steel ground, but can't see why it should be stone. It's really cheap and I use about 2 tablespoons on my cereal (Shredded Wheat) every morning. Still not on Statins. All the best.

  • yes that,s wonderful, so it is true, diet , certain foods can lower cholestrol for sure, i got off crestor myself, when i started having more pronounced symptons , shoulder, glute hamstring pain,as i did some reading up on their horrific side affects, i took myself off a week before i saw my dr about the pain i was having, his response was "you did the right thing " ? although no dr will say anything against statins or the possibility of the triggering pmr,

  • Might try the steel cut variety then. I've taken statins for several years (in fact I'm pretty sure they caused my cataracts) but my cholesterol remains highish at over 6 so it's worth a go.

  • byall means, try them, quite delicious, nutty, crunchy, takes longer to chew and eat, and good for you

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