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Hi, Ive had PMR and GCA for 5/6 years, still on 5mg prednisilone. My blood tests this month showed some abnormalities - Serum C reactive protein level - 14mg/L (Above range), Serum Bicarbonate level 29.2 mmol/ L ( Above range), Serum Creatinine level 51 umol/L( below range), Serum alanine aminotransferase level- 105iu/L ( Above range), Serum alkaline phosphatase level - 305 iu/L ( Above range) Has anyone had problems with these blood tests and have any idea what they mean?



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  • Both alanine aminotransferase and alk phosphatase are liver enzymes and raised levels may suggest liver problems. However, they are also raised in PMR (not that many doctors know THAT), and the fact your CRP is raised does suggest there may be some inflammation hatching. Low creatinine isn't common but isn't usually a cause for concern - it can go down just because you didn't eat as much protein as usual!

    Are you struggling with fatigue by any chance? You are at a stage where your adrenal glands need to start production again. But I am sure your doctor will do some other checks.

  • At my original diagnosis for PMr my liver function tests were really abnormal and I mean at the hundreds as opposed to the tens! My GP had never seen this with PMR hence delayed diagnosis. Resulted in having a liver biopsy which was very unpleasant but gave me a different pain to think about for a week or so. At least the biopsy proved my liver was healthy (phew!) and that it was trying to control the inflammation. I still have raised liver enzymes nearly a year later but better than they were. I wonder whether raised liver enzymes suggests some of us process our pred differently ?? I'm only saying this as I still struggle to control the PMR pain and worry about yoyoing on the pred. Another question for my GP this week!

  • Shouldn't be a problem with prednisolone which is already the active form - prednisone must be processed by the liver. That is part of the reason for using prednisolone.

  • Thanks for your reply, I feel a bit more reassured now. If I find out whats going on, I'll let you know. x

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