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Can this be a flare?

Good evening ,

Can I run something by the group please,

I was due to see the rheumatologist for the first time after being admitted to hospital for the first time on 20/11/16. Cancelled until tomorrow.

I am taking 40mg pred and a headache started a couple of hours ago. Very uncomfortable and feel a bit panicky.

Both temples hurt and top of head too. Have had a bad cold for nearly two weeks. Felt a fair bit better earlier and could have overdone it. I don't know enough or been ill long enough to be able to judge for myself what is going on.

Can I get a flare while I am taking 40mgs?

Any feedback welcome

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You CAN have a flare while on 40mg - it all depends on the activity of the underlying autoimmune disorder. Sometimes 60mg is used as the starting dose and if a patient has visual symptoms of any sort, even higher may be used for a short time in hospital.

I'm really not sure what to say - you COULD call 111 and ask to speak to an OOH doctor but they aren't always renowned for being helpful! Nothing ventured though so it would be a start.


Has your rheumatology department perhaps got a helpline?. Worth a go.

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Thank you for your reply.

I saw the rheumatologist today.

Nothing seems clear at the moment.


If you can find the hospital department on the hospital website you may find they have a speacilist rheumatology nurse. In my experience they will always get back to you. Alternatively you may be able to get through to the consultant's secretary.

If you are worried about Temporal Arteritis and having your sight affected tell them this, you shouldn't ignore a strong feeling of something not right.

Good luck

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They may always get back to you - but the question is when? I called the one I was supposed to be assigned to and hadn't heard back after a week! Hence my suggestion to use the OOH service - which has doctors available.


Dear Elaine W,

I am only 5/6 months into PMR so pretty new to it but when I saw the rheumatologist in Sept. he asked me if I had headaches, which fortunately I hadn't, but he insisted that if I did get them I must contact my doctor or go to A&E as soon as possible. Don't want to frighten you but maybe you should contact a medical practitioner asap.- better safe than sorry. Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy Christmas.

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