Unwanted hat-trick!

Well since GCA diagnosis in June I have now scored an unwanted hat-trick. My June Hba1c blood test of 44 has been confirmed again this week as 44 so it is pre diabetes. Whilst the cholesterol check has jumped from 4 in June to 6 this week. So I am now adding statins to my growing medicine chest to bring down my cholesterol and my new years resolution is to lose weight and also cut out nice things like sticky toffee pudding and custard to reduce the sugar in take.

Managing my health is becoming a full time job in retirement!!

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  • Snap GCA Sept 2014 , statins, thyroid meds, mild antidepressant for nightmares. Add in painkillers +calcium when did I have time to work

  • Olive thank God I am retired and all this medication is free on age grounds!

  • Michael, it's so unfair isn't it when the very drug that is prescribed to make us better actually invites along other unwanted labels. But, importantly, at the same time it's so reassuring to know that our eyesight is being protected.

    However, with a bit of willpower, apart from cutting out sticky toffee puddings, you can help yourself by reducing your intake of refined carbohydrates such as bread, white potatoes (substitute with sweet potatoes), parsnips etc as these foods turn to sugar in our bodies and add to the risk of steroid-induced diabetes. Then with a bit of luck you will find that as you reduce from the very high doses, your HbA1 will gradually improve and, fingers crossed, so will your cholesterol.

  • Celtic thanks for your sage advice, I am picking up from a number of sources that carbs are the priority of the day. We have just been to The Carvery today for Sunday lunch and I had no pudding. Thought I was being virtuous with all the veg including roasted parsnips my favourite this time of the year! I clearly have a lot to learn!

  • Cutting carbs is also a good way of improving cholesterol - surprisingly enough!

  • Thanks I am getting the message, every thing I like, potatoes, white bread, parsnips are all bad for me!

  • You don't have to stop them altogether, just cut back on the parsnips and spuds and make them treats! White bread should be a no-no I'm afraid ;-) as should most processed carbs.

    Don't just go cold turkey, reduce the portions a lot so you still have the teast and fill up on above-ground-veg.

    I don't know if it works for parsnips, but for roast potatoes you can change how your body processes them quite simply: boil them and let them go cold before putting them into the roasting tin and getting the outside crispy and the spuds hot. This does something to the starch which makes it much better for you! This isn't an old-wives tale, it is genuine!

  • Thanks for the sensible advice. I do tend to go OTT in my thinking and need to think about both change and balance!

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