Xmas good wishes

Happy Xmas to all. Just to let you know I'm still fine after 2 years off the pred. I will never forget the PMR pain and the other ailments that go with it. I can honestly say I am back to normal levels of energy and weight is back to where I was pre illness. Healthy eating worked and got rid of the pred weight. we've just moved house and I have coped with all of that and am now tackling major cleaning and gardening/ and decorating without any issue This site, and the support, helped me so much when I was ill and feeling low . Family and friends do not really understand the illness and I found the site a great source of information and would listen and respond quickly to my thoughts and questions So reassuring and uplifting!! Don't lose hope is my Xmas message- it is possible to recover

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  • Just what I needed to hear! Thank you! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Good to hear! Have a good Christmas!

  • Thank you Suzieh, what a really amazing thing to hear for Christmas. Don't overdo it though.

    Have a really lovely Christmas and New Year.

  • Great! Have a lovely Christmas🎉🍾🍸

  • Suzie thankyou!!! Happy Christmas and a healthy 2017

  • Thank you for your message of hope Susieh! The light at the end of the tunnel! Season's Greetings!

  • suzieh Merry Christmas🇺🇸

  • I was just diagnosed. Very upset. I'm so glad you posted this, I needed to hear this....xo

  • Merry Christmas 🎄🎄👍👍😄thanks for posting x

  • What Wonderful News!

    Happy Christmas & All The Best for 2017 & your continued Good Health 🍀

  • So encouraging! Thanks for taking the time to post. A very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to you too.

  • Are you saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel? I really hope so, Happy Christmas

  • Thank you for taking the time to tell us this as it is so good to hear from someone who has recovered. I was diagnosed this time last year and although i have made progress i was wondering if this wretched thing would ever go ... you have given me renewed hope . Happy Christmas to all and here's to a progressive 2017

  • This is most uplifting Suzie - just the sort of encouragement all of us need and which only seems to come from this site (medics, take note)!

    I think most in this 'club' will remember the excruciating, scary symptoms at the onset of PMR/GCA and some have permanent reminders since diagnosis comes late on. Even when you know what it is, it's never easy to convey - even to nearest and dearest - how debilitating this condition can be. So - knowing that it can be overcome in time is the best possible reason for continuing the battle.

    I can now already see the light at the end of my carpal tunnel and will continue (albeit reluctantly) to ingest the melancholic acid.........

    Good luck to you and have the best time this Christmas !

  • Thanks for the encouraging update. Merry Christmas and continued health in the New Year!!

  • Having been off all drugs for about two years I can echo what you say Suzieh! Still have a smile a mile wide most days when I remember how it was and how things are now. It all seems nothing short of a miracle. Even friends comment still that they can't believe what I do now considering my state when ill.

    The Charity website and Healthunlocked were not around when I started my journey, but I contacted the Charity as soon as it formed, and have found it so fab to find others who understand without the need for long explanations.

    And to all of you out there struggling - keep up the fight, don't give in. Keep up questioning too - and most of all believe in yourself and the amazing power your body has to heal itself when we look after, and look out for, ourselves.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel - it's just that some days and weeks it is beyond a bend in the track and you can't see it yet - but it is still there. Honest.

    I wish everyone a happy Christmas-time - and much, much better health in 2017.


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